How to Use Events Manager WordPress Plugin

I log into the back into your website once you’re in you’re in the dashboard go to events and add event you can also go up here at the top and pull down new ad in the event start where was easy street I anyway go in adamant give your events manager WordPress Plugin a real name birthday party and give it a description make sure it’s something good make sure people want to do it now come over here to the right-hand side and click on your win palette. Let’s define when and where or when it is .

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I like a day will be March twentieth until March 1ee at from doing 8 am till nine-thirty and now; scroll down this what this is where you set up where it is I if it’s at the store the historians people were sounds that are actually if you want north.
You’ll see it auto populates there and that’s really all you’ve got to do now you can go ahead and publish it you can save it save as a draft you can preview what it’s going to look like now if you want to enable booking so people come in and Events Manager plugin broken event I then there are booked tickets for that the event you just made as you’ve got this here this bookings and registration so what you wanna do is click the enable registration and you’ll see that ;

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it creates a new drop-down modality so anyway here’s your ticketing if you want to change the number of available spaces or the amount or the name of the ticket you just go over to edit on a standard ticket you can give that ticket the description general admission price if you want to be .

Priced rhythm then your price there a number of seats that are available this case we’ll just 220 start date of availability;

will make it start one day and in another: that you have time to register everybody on that’s it then save ticket and go up here to publish our save for preview whatever you want ok so now after you’ve done that you’ll see it says post published so now you can go back to your website click on calendar and see; if it’s right here the super birthday party .

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If you click on it to get a daytime look at the map to where it’s at they cannot go and make their own bathtub description will be here bookings we close bookings for that, so there are no bookings but yeah so that’s really about it if you need to go in and edit an event that’s already been published just over to go back to your dashboard go to events and just click on events will see you’ve got a listing of all the ones there .

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