How to use a custom domain name on blogger-Step by step

use custom domain name on bloggerI’ll show you how to protect your closet from your

custom domain  name on blogger.

In the other words how to choose a custom domain name,

for your bloger .

The first thing what you need to do is you need to login into

the lava and for example .

if you want to do that but I suppose if you’re having a


Mean I’m having -a Blog name of Technology

letter for you to. Blogspot. And if you don’t -like your name or if you have taken

a custom domain name from The Domain registrar,

you wonder that with the traffic.

I haven’t domain name registered as- technology allowed on all and I want to redirect,

traffic if someone enters the technology later on also.

I want it to be redirected -to my blog so how are you doing Celexa

the posting .

What you need to do it can you log in and see a lot,

then you need to go to the settings on your blog .

this is the thanks and Multiplex settings scroll down and go to the settings ,

we’ll see if they can do something you can check.

bloggers custom domain name

it says that Atticus from the middle find your -own register domain to your blog so full yeah

you need to enter your custom domain name .

I’m adding one domain name ,

so it says that you need to add to settings this is the main part of this you need

to edit email settings in the control panel of your domain registrar ,

no matter what domen do this right you have chosen to buy your domain names.

that is exciting that you need to enter these two pretended to see him fight so you can see here also that,

the various ceiling registers .

you can find different -settings for them also so they

can see the different things.

you can go into settings daddy would you like some

different item in the district.

If you’re going to log in and see the settings also,

so I’m having an account with the GoDaddy my domain registered from GoDaddy.

what a custom domain name on bloggers

what you need to do if you need to login ,

that and you need to select those domains .

when to select a woman like on lunch.

Once you are into this you need- to select the domain Eukarya domain you want to do

that to your blog.

I like this scroll down and select being is on fire once you’ve selected ,so

you can see me or even all the cinnamon trees to .

what you need to do if you need to click on this ,

It are you going, to keep you haven’t seen it and I’ve already directed

models domain name to a different route.

I’m sure the entry that I’ve done this- is the first entry www.Anderson DHS google.Com

eaglecu you have to add this to ww.W in the name and in the second .

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If you need to add this as well as the Sentry 2 this is

the first and if you’re having  already .

There before riding your- face what are you doing that can you please just let

this ,

that’s when I noticed that would be at the next time you guys leaving

Saturday at 3 time with the adjuster google.Com .

and the second entries this one

so you can see the second entry for my domain is also a terrier.

you’re here at 2:35 o’clock.

we can and yeah you can enter the tubing that given to one contender’s come back ,

to blogger and click save so I’ve already directed me.

 A different job so I can do this I got my custom, domain to two

different ones check also international space station

when people that you can click on the site and it will take me

about before they do need to say this.

I forgot to tell you before that you need to save those, on file and after 7

if you need to save the sun blocker 214-733-4102.

Kardashian names and three step 1 hour to reflect in the system.

everyone who can the city of Logan Luxury Auto Custom domain should be redirected to go to your blog.

How to use a custom domain name on blogger-Step by step

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