How To Setup A Paypal Donate Button

adding a paypal donate button to wordpressWelcome back to another tech Guru video.

So in this video today, I’m going to be showing you

how to set up and create a PayPal donate button to whatever,

you’re using it for streaming sites such as twitch inbox or things like,

that or if you just want to use it for your purposes.

It may be that YouTube videos or whatever you want to do.

You may want to set up a place where people can donate to you for your appreciation,

for the Creator video link to PayPal through but in order to do that log into your PayPal account.

The first thing you want to do is go ahead and log into your PayPal account,

that you want to set the button up with it and once you’ve done

that you need to convert the PayPal account to a business account and that’s a very simple.

Make account in paypal free

I’m not going to show you that process because it involves some personal information,

but what you log into PayPal and your own on the homepage over on the left.

I’ll be a little box that says convert to business account.

Basically this is a three-step that takes about 5 to 10 minutes in a little personal information

and then once you’ve done that you’ll have access to the different tools.

such as the Donate button so once you’re there go ahead and click on the tools link up here.

Just go to all tools so tools and then all tools and then you’ll see that this year

and if you scroll down maybe two or three sections you want to see something.

That says PayPal buttons go ahead and click on that link.

There’s a few different things will be able to edit and change of buttons.

Follow simple step and make paypal button

So we could be our donate button in to use for our purposes and once we’re here,

we’re going to want to change the button down on the drop-down menu to donations

and then the organization names last service this is going to be what they say.

They’re donating to so I can put Tech Guru Technology Group.

whoever you want them to see that they’re donating to hit it don’t worry about the donation idea.

That is optional and we can customize the text or appearance ,

that you wanted to be a smaller button with just the Donate but here and

logo or do you wanted to be basically the credit card logos and stuff underneath.

There do you want to display all of that and then you can use what language for country

that you’re from that she wanted a button to be anything.

create free paypal account

you could even use your own button by creating one in Photoshop and then uploading it to a image

hosting site and then uploading it here but what is going to choose this one here.

Donation button add any website

This is the one that I found that works best let people know how you can go through PayPal

with a credit card whatever currency you want that to pay out to you

and then it write your contribution amount donors into their own contribution amount or donors,

contribute a fixed amount so basically it’s a donation that’s going to always be a set amount.

You can choose this here but normally you going to allow them to choose and

how much they want to donate to you all the way from $8 to a million whatever they want to donate to you

and then right here merchant account IDs.

Make any website button for commerce Site

Basically you can use your primary email address or you can use your secure merchant ID account.

I would choose the secure merchant ID account just for Safety and Security reasons.

I understand to hear you’re going to see where it says we can use it later,

as far as you can use this to create other but I understand pics of the first thing.

You’re going to see right here is a spot for the person is donating to you to enter in a specific message

to you and places like that as far as streaming sites and you want to read the message on your street.

using a paypal donate button

I would definitely check yes here and then as far as do you need your customer shipping address.

I would say no if it’s just for a donate button and also turns people away if you’re requesting

their street address then right here.

You’re going to see something that says take customer to this URL when they cancel their check out.

Basically this is saying hey why are you canceling usually don’t want to do any of this unless

you’re wanting to promote a webpage as an advanced variables don’t worry about any of that

and then once you’re done you’re going to want to click the yellow create button.


Professional theme create for shop

There at the bottom of the page and then basically once you’re done,

you’re going to see the Donate button over on the right and you’re going to be able to see

the HTML code in which you can add this to your Twitch stream or any other place.

You were to add the button go to website here. so what’s the code if your using twitch or

somewhere like that you look at it down.

There where you add your images down below your stream that give you a spot to type in HTML code

and then we’ll add that nice little donate button but the easiest way to do that.


If you’re using toilet or something like that is to go through a third party such as extreme tips

and basically you just add your PayPal information to them and that’s something

you want to do a PayPal donate button at the beginning to be able to.


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