How To Set Comment Settings and Comment Moderation in WordPress

How you moderate your comments so we logged in and here we are at the dashboard and you will see it here find out the ; comment box there is a1 which means that we’ve got one comment a leading moderation,

so I’m gonna click that ;and you can see it rehear if I go back to that page you can actually see the comment recent comments re there-there there it is a guest Creeping Buttercup is creepy no you can actually prove ;

allow comments on wordpress blog

it reply to it and it it tell repressed spam or trash it rate here up or you can go in here by clicking on comments and do the same thing comment settings and comment moderation in WordPress  why you’d want to do that when you can do it from the dashboard is a mystery to me we can actually do it here know if this was actually a useful comment.

WordPress change site url database

I to prove it right now I’m all comments you can unapproved, or you can trash them you” know when they get to order become irrelevant for whatever reason right now. I’m just gonna trash this rate now because we don’t know what silly comments I’m moderation for comments and how it’s done is done down here in the settings at selection under discussion and you.’ll see in a second that’s I here’s one thing that I wanna check comment author must;

fill out your name and an hour email on and this is the one these the ones that important anyone can post a comment all comments are held for moderation and before saying peers;

word press disable comments on posts

and administrator must always approve the comment so that’s how you can keep control over your comments so that you don’t get spammed.

I’m you can also little “I how comment blacklists so in other words if you I don’t want to have a particular say swear words or-

how to turn off comments in wordpress

or fighting a ground or anything- like that you can list all the words in here that you will not accept and, they will automatically not come to you but NASA says rehear it will match inside great” press if you’d like that we’re law anything with the word with the words like repressor pressure all those will be considered spam ‘seemed to be very careful about the words that you put in here anyways at the end of the day when you finished during the discussion settings in your moderated your comments

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