How to select perfect Domain For Any keyword Latest Edition

After all this discussion you must have selected the primary keyword that you want to rank. For example let‟s assume that you have selected the keyword .

Apart from the primary keyword, we also need some more secondary keywords. Say about 2-4. These keywords are required for creating content and also to increase the volume of traffic to our site. (We can rank these secondary keywords without many efforts as they would beless competitive)

This is how to find them The snap below would make it clear how to find the secondary keyword.


  • You may take other secondary keywords as price of Zeta clear, where to buy.
  • On above you would find most of the products with same kind of variation and order.It means that the product name „
    Zeta clear” would have the maximum search volume thatwould be followed by product name reviews and then „review‟

keyword selection with domains
Note: Without doing any real SEO for your secondary keywords, you would find them donealong with the primary keyword. (Especially when they are of low competition).


Thus, after accumulating the search volume of your secondary keywords too you would find more traffic
to your site (and more sales too!) and thus the secondary keywords are chosen.


(Moreover they help in content creation.

Domain select There are two options available (with their pros and cons), when you are going to select the domain.

1-Brand domain Selection


Obviously, your first choice should be a new domain with your primary keyword in it.However, the problem with it is that you have to go slow at least for the first with backlinking.

Now rather choosing the domain name I prefer to use a stop „the‟ before the keyword. Thus, making it


  • The stop word „the‟ has no SEO implications, and the domain too looks more professional.
    I use Name Cheap for registering the domain nameBeing there on the web, an aged domain ranks much faster than any brand new domain.


  • My experience says that it‟s the age that matters most (the domain with more age ranks better).


  • You need to select a domain that has a minimum age of 5 years.

If you are planning to use an aged domain then for product names I would suggest that youDONOT try to rank the domain. Rather you should rank the pages as theyrank much faster,with each pages having review for any single product.

Apart from this while you are offering a single product review per page/post, the back link profile becomes diversified with time.Along with this you get the added advantage of making each page for reviewing a different product.

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2-Top keyword selction with good search volume


You just need not but fresh new domain for every product that you would bereviewing or ranking.
*For reviewing more than one product in the aged domain, always look for domain names
that has names in it, like


These name domains are not only pleasing to the eyes, but they look professional too. Even experience shows that users tend to rely on such domainsmore.
Using Aged Domain has also advantages when you can promote as seen on TV, sometimes not allowing you to have product name on them.

For purchasing cheap aged domains visit Just follow below to understand The content is the heart of your site, and hence you must be very meticulous with it.

keyword low compition selection

Until and unless you are a copywriter, you must not try to create your content. The best option is to outsource it. Now, before outsourcing, it is necessary for us to know what we are going to write about.

You must remember that we have already discussed the primary and secondary keywords. These keywords are the topics about which you are going to create the content. In the case discussed, our first article would be on Zeta Clear.

The article would be of 100 Words that will serve the purpose of homepage article. As this article would mainly use
for sales purpose, make sure that you develop a good one.

3-Realted secoundry keyword

You can have 2-Four more articles that would be based on the secondary keyword like zeta clear reviews and zeta clear Price and such.


  • These articles on secondary keyword and other articles would serve as the fillers in your website, and they would also increase the volume of the content of the site.

These filler articles would be of 500-600 words each.
There would be two more generic articles that would not target any particular keyword. So in total yo u would have around 5-Seven articles.

Now, remember that the articles need to be informative and must also talk about the problems that our targeted product resolves. The generic articles should also be related to the main product in some or other way.

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