How to Remove Virus using Command prompt No Software Easy

Hello, friends do you think that we can remove lightest apart from using any other antivirus software I say yes this is him remove virus using Command prompt and floods and you’re watching Dexter traits we are going to learn how to remove I this using coming from.

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Shortcut virus command prompt

Let’s get static first good to start button and right click on the command prompt and open as an administrator today after opening the comment from unity; check whether the directories opened up close the director is open you can also see some of the words like windows system32 besides the sea.
If the library is closed we can’t find any of the statuses and we only locate the letter C so first we need to close this directory so type in the command CD / enter,

and you can see that the director is closed and now we are going to begin our to Dylan; how to remove the latest in this <month> February </month> we gonna learn how to remove two types of is that this order and why this and shot good witness so let’s get started with art and why this hard; invited experts into windows boys whenever an external device containing order and waited is plugged into the PC and the author is performed then the other than .
Is that is infected files will be executed,

Triplicates copies of the order . is an eye that is executable files will be produced so let’s get started on how to remove these are during Raiders, so type in the comment 80 and I be a trip to space that shit – space – our space that is spaced our turn. is this command sets the complete see whether a file named our daughter not infected is present or not so we can see that there is no Edison at the c drive, so there is no file a quarter and that IMF in the c drive so if you have a file that is automatic INF in the c drive then you need to use this comment that is old space for total there .

Administrator command prompt shortcut

INF by clicking on the enter the files will be deleted. If you don’t have a file that is ordered on the Internet then you see what imply that this could not find out under INF fine in the c drive, so we have now completed with removing garden virus another system and the second thing we are going to learn is how to deal with the shortcut widest shortcut ;

why this is generally found in USB drives and in SD cards when you copy any finding the US but about the SD card ;it simply converts into a shortcut and it becomes unusable so we are going to remove the virus using that comment from so let’s get started first we need to plug in a USB drive and we need to tick which let that it exists i plugged in my USB drive and-and the letter of the drive is a letter.

command prompt commands to find malware

Windows virus scan command prompt

I’m gonna shift my identity to that letter I have to print their business is fully first we are going to type the command to check whether the drive is infected with the virus or not so let’s get started the ill face stop. Captain I and K and as you can see that it could not find any type of offer file named I n gauge Stoddard I NK so we can confirm that there is no one is not us .I’m it’s useful shortcut so ;if you have any virus in your USB Drive then I’m then I’m given the command for you people to delete the writers .I’ve been a kid at this pace – Shh space – yes –

our space – is space / as face / d / and destination and the letter of the drive that this air and start . Start and after running the command you are – should be deleted and your USB Drive is refreshed so that’s it for this tutorial guys if you like this video share it with your friends and your thumbs up .

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