How To Reduce WordPress Database Size For Fast Speed

There are two essential elements of a standard WordPress installation:

=Wordpress files on your server
=Word press database
It is critical for you to clean up your WordPress database and reduce its size from time to time.

Over time, your Reduce WordPress Database has accumulated many redundant tables, records, and many good entries can be deleted without affecting your site.

to keep the size of your database to a minimum, and keep your WordPress blog process fast.

This will reduce the load on the server and improve the performance dramatically WordPress.

exchange 2013 recommended database size

Reduce database size sql server

Some points require some technical knowledge, and if you are eligible, you can put in the comments or skip entirely.
In my case, I have the backup function of my hosting company to perform a full backup of the database and all files.

You can also use the WP-DB Manager Supplement to back up the files. Here you will find a tutorial. Very manager plugin WP-DB recommends, because we need to do SQL queries, empty and delete database tables (all that do this plugin
Browse the list of active plugins in your blog and disable WordPress plugins that are no longer used. There may be additions that you occasionally use, but I suggest you now disable them and then reinstall them when needed again.

Create wordpress database

Our goal today is to optimize the size of the database fully.
Whatever comments you put on your garbage and spam folder, delete them.

Similarly, you delete all the publications of the garbage and delete all subsequent revisions.
Install the Database Cleaner Add-WP Advanced WordPress and follow this tutorial.

This orphan module finds tables and is used in the database. The use of this supplement will help you clean all these tables.

Sql server database size limitations

This is a very critical phase and do it until you are sure to use the table names that are not.
This is something I do once a year and suggests you do it when you are used to phpMyAdmin.

If you used before phpMyAdmin, just follow this simple tutorial and discard any unused targets of your database.

wordpress database theme

This will not significantly reduce the size of the database, but it is useful if you are very determined to clean your WordPress database.
One of the tables is one of the main causes of the increase in the size of the database “wp_commentmeta” by the plug-in Akismet.

exchange 2010 database size limit

Before running the application below my waist wp_commentmeta was 146 MB.

After optimization, it fell to 16.1 MB.


Here are two questions that need to be addressed. Use WP-DB Administrator> Run option to add an SQL query to run these queries from the WordPress dashboard.
For some Word installations, it is possible that the names of the tables in the database are different from those used in the above code. It could be something like “wp_commentsmeta,” do not forget to check your DB table names and replace them accordingly.

Here are several SQL queries that will be useful to reduce the size of the database:

Again, this step is for WordPress users who have a good knowledge of the WordPress tables.

Under the WP Admin DB plugin, you will find an “empty table / drop” option, and from there you can see a list of all tables in your WordPress database.

Here, you can empty folders that are not useful, and delete tables created by the add-ons that are no longer used.

Exchange mailbox database size
If you follow all the above steps, as mentioned, now is the time to optimize your database and see how the size is released.

You can optimize your database using the “Optimize” WP-DB Supplement Manager option, or you can use the optimization add-WP. I shared a guide before optimizing the database here.

As mentioned above, my database size was 286 MB WordPress before cleaning, and after all the above steps, my database size fell 96.7 MB.

This is an enormous reduction of 189 MB!

wordpress participants database

In general, if you have a squatting website, you should clean up your WordPress database once every two months, or at least optimize your WordPress database once every two weeks.

Go ahead and start working out his WordPress database size on the reduction and let me know how much space was in front and how much space now.

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