How To Record Screen in HD on Windows 10 FOR FREE and Live

After my review on the windows 10 game DVR screen recording system a lot of you guys and gals “had one particular question for me and that is what certain screen recording software- do i use to record my tutorials well obviously record screen in HD on Windows 10 I really don’t use the game DVR system built into Windows 10 ;because first off it can even record your mouse cursor,

and it can only record one window at a time and that is when and if you can get it to function properly the program that I use is another free microsoft three recorders called expressions and coder screen recorder and in this tutorial I’m going to show you how you can download the free version install it and use it to record HD tutorials on your pc or whatever the hell it is that you’re doing on your desktop in any case so stay tuned ok so first things first we need to download microsoft expression encoder .

record a video with webcam windows 10

How to record video on windows 10

We’re gonna do it by downloading it from the official microsoft website the link is going to be down in the description for you guys :that you can safely download it without any worries of viruses or any malicious programs.


So once you open this link you’re going to scroll a bit down once you see this big red download button and you’re simply going to click on download it’s a 24.5 megabyte file so it’s probably gonna download relatively quickly ok so once the download is complete you’re going to remember the location where you saved the installation file in my case it’s on my desktop there it; is so i’m going -to double-click on it in windows 10 we’re going to need to give it certain permissions we’re going to click yes basically what you’re going to do is copy everything ”

Windows 10 utilities built in

You see me doing in this tutorial, and you should have a successful installation so right here we’re going to accept the terms of use but here we’re going to check note and then we’re going to click on next it’s going to ask you to choose; the program’s you want to install a check mark in the box next to expressions and colder for in the options section we’re going to leave everything the way it is and we’re going to click on install yeah simply.

I speed it up this part so you didn’t have to watch it it should take you a bit less than one minute for the installation to complete, and then finally you’re simply going to click- on finish what that be installation is completed now if i go and click on my start menu and click on all programs and i’m going to scroll down; find the m’s and right here .

How to record computer screen

I have a new entry called microsoft expression we’re going to click on that to expand and with this installation .We get to basic programs one is the screen capture program; that we need in order to record our tutorials and screen activities and the another program is the expression encoder software which we’re going to use to encode the raw video format to something that’s usable in video editors like Windows Movie Maker video plaid wondershare adobe premiere pro sony vegas or whatever so the application; that we are interested right now for the moment is the screen recorder it should be the last entry if we cover over it going to see that it says Microsoft expression encoder 4 screen capture, so we’re going to click on that .

it should open a very simple user interface that looks something like this now before we do anything we’re going to go and take a look at the settings for this program so to do that you’re going to click on this little gear icon right here and it should open another window now the first tab is the screen tab. What I usually ‘do here is for the frame rate i go for 30 or above frames per; second if you want to record at 30 frames per second it’s probably the minimum if you want really high-quality videos if you’re able to capture at 60 frames per second why not go for that but i’m going to leave it at 30 frames per second for the bit rate i usually go the highest possible down here the quality we’re going to set it to maximum, so it goes from ;one to a hundred by default it’s set to 95 but we’re going to type in 100 and of course if you’re recording tutorials like.

free recording without download

I am right now you always want to capture your mouse pointer so make sure that this box right here is checked now we go on to the camera tab this is a section where you would enter certain settings if you want to record a webcam overly so if you want to do that then you simply click on this little arrow right here and you would .

microsoft webcam software windows 10
Concentrated on recording screen activities so moving on to the Audio tab this is where we set our audio settings if you want to use a microphone then of course you’re going to check the devices that you have plugged into your system, so i’m going to use my microphone when I reform.I tutorials so i’m going to put a check mark right here down here you have- a format i always go with the highest setting and for the bit rate i always use the highest level that is at my disposal,

so that is 256 moving on to the hockey tab right here you have the option to set up keys for the start of your recording; for pausing recording for stopping recording and finally also for zooming in but i really doubt you’ll be using this option as; this program doesn’t really have advanced zooming capabilities on the other tab we have some additional settings that you can mess around with yourself it gives you certain additional options like to ; highlight your mouse pointer to show we count down before you start recording so that you can maybe prepare yourself better- for the beginning, of course, you have other options like beep on start pause .

You can show the recording tool bar show flashing boundaries and of course you can use a webcam capture as a over late so this is something right here that’s not really crucial for the quality of the recording, but there are some ;additional options here that might be useful for you so go through these options and see which ones need which ones you like or which ones you just want to get the last tab is the help tab it gives; you certain links to privacy statements help and it gives you information about this program if you click on the links.

We’re going to skip this once you’re done with the settings you want to click on OK and then before you start recording you have some quick settings right here on the main display of the user interface, for example, you have a little microphone icon right here that you can use to toggle on quickly and off your microphone so if I click on it right now it’s not read that means that ;my microphone wont be in use if i click on it again it’s highlighted in red which means that my microphone will be in use and right here right – that’s right you can see I have a little volume indicator that indicates the volume of the input that is going into my microphone bring on to the right we have another button for toggling the camera on and off in a quick fashion so if i click right here.

How to record a video on laptop

I will see a preview of my camera recording and if i click again then it’s going to be turned off the settings is something that we finished earlier right here we have a capture manager which will open a list of captures that you recently made we’re going to turn that offer and out the button that we’re going to be concentrated right now is this little red dot right here which is ;the button you’re going to use to start your recording so if you forgot your hotkeys you can always click on this button and then ; you’re going to see this whole huge rectangle that you can adjust to your preferences now .If you take a look down here on the bottom right,

you can see this little tool bar here that allows me to set which part of my screen. I want to record before I actually initiate the recording process so you can mess around with this you can select a certain part of your screen or you can go full screen once you’re happy with the region that is selected you can simply click on the red button right here to report now what might or might not give you this little window; right here but i’m going to click on OK in any case, of course, you can see the countdown heard the beep and that means that the recording; process is initiated now, of course, you can set your hotkeys for starting and stopping of the recording I didn’t really mess around.

I didn’t remember any of the hockey’s but that doesn’t matter because you can always go down to your system tray area click right here and then you can -simply click ; on the little icon that represents Microsoft Expression Encoder- screen capture;

Webcam surveillance software for windows 10

and then right here you have the option to pause stop show the recording tool bar or exit the program of course I’m going to stop once i do that the whole user interface is going to be prominently displayed once again and this time you’re going to get a box that shows all your recordings the latest recording that you made- is going to be prominently ;displayed on top now what Microsoft’s Expression Encoder screen recorder does when it captures video is it chords it in a raw format and the best way to encode that format into something that’s usable in mainstream video editors is to simply use the inbuilt expression encoder that we downloaded earlier .

video recorder online without downloading

what we’re going to do is we’re going to highlight the latest capture that we created .We’re going to click on send to encoder now this is going to open up the microsoft expressions encoding software which you can use for some basic video manipulation and of course in the end you’re going to use it to encode” the video so for the purposes of this tutorial I’m just going to show you how to trim .

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