How To Promote MaxBounty CPA Offers With Bing Ads Best Method

Promote maxbounty CPA offers with bing ads: Hey, it’s funny hair, and i welcome you back to video number two of our CPA training course. I’ll teach you guys how to set up your first max bounty campaign with being PPC .

maxbounty affiliate program

The first thing we have to do right- now is;

to pick the offer but since i have already done that for you let’s go to max bony search campaign Ok so now that we’re here let’s go to our membership site to see which offer we want to choose first so here are the 5 dal 4 u campaign let’s go┬áPromote MaxBounty CPA offers with bing Ads with the school grants paying affiliate programs maxbounty and loans because it’s growing very profitable for me so it should be the same for you to; come now.

What is Maxbounty

I’ve set up in a way that is easy for you so let’s see to the offers and Max Bounty, and it’s the 779 too back to search it’s right here so pretty much I normally promote everything;Promote Clickbank Products

above 0.15 epic that means earning per click so every click I sent to this offer.

I should be making nineteen cents so over fifteen cents that are a pretty good offer, and you should probably see some good Roy coming back it’s getting you.

Just set it up we have to get this body to do this first week it that you always’ have to press this one and put something you would like to remember let’s just put things in hell and for creative as contextual and get tracking call this is going to be the tracking code for your what this is ‘where we’re going to send the traffic to and are being copied that this goes back to being ads ok so now that we’re in Bing Ads let’s click campaigns.

how to use maxbounty

We’re going to create a new campaign press- create campaign the first option not these to search and content campaign justice and here’s the campaign sent ok so first off i normally do is to go back to max bounty and check these special descriptions and what I can use for my ads that campaign setting so lets’s put our –

How to promote CPA offers

campaign name as student the campaign name doesn’t matter but it’s just for your remembering, so it’s easier for you in the future- to tell which ad is running which ad time zone .

Best Way To Promote Clickbank Products

Doesn’t really matter campaign budget by the ten-dollar is enough I’m gonna put minus; ten dollars add language English or definitely targeting the United States and the North America maybe the UK, but i think this offer only allows ;

United States you could check it right here and so it’s just target ;United States and show at always press this option show ads to people in your targeted location ok now moving on to creating the add this is the most important part of the campaign this is where your money comes from because what you’re right is how you attract your customers, but don’t worry about it too much because”

I have already written the ad title and the ad text for you which makes the big difference so let’s go back to our membership area .

What is incentive traffic

I have it ;written down right here that add titles qualify for school grants so you can just copy right click and copy it let’s go back to being maxbounty and bing ads as paste it right here remember to check spaces go back to membership area probably the ad Tex you can always write your own ad text if you want to do some split testing however what I’m showing you is what has to work for me and it should work for you .top CPA offers

Unless it has changed but normally it how the offer looks like let’s go to max county and click here to preview the landing page this is for your own sake, and you could learn you what your customers will see when they press on the guess it’s loaded let’s just go back first ok for a display URL go ok now;

bing ads cpa case study

showed up . Display URL just start with the distance copy that and put it back in here and delete the HTTP part just leave it like that ;

yeah. This is what it looks like normally the title works are very well these one-page submit offers are really good because it’s easy, and customers and clients will spend around like 30 seconds to fill this and you will make your commission so normally you could spy around the landing page and see you some hints to see what you could target ;people with ADD text the language they use and like I could put up to 5775 dollars can be yours for 2015 as my ad text or another option like a split but testing which is pretty good for your sake but this is already really good destination you are all so this is the link where” Make Money On Instagram With CPA Marketing

Maxbounty affiliate network

We are going to set our traffic too so let’s go back to max bounty click get tracking go, and this is the URL.

We’re gonna send traffic to copy it and paste it back here ok so for keywords keyword is very relevant; this is where we been all our money on traffic,

earn money online while you sleep

so some keywords are more expensive than other some keyboard -are cheaper. We’re going to find the cheapest possible so we can make money back without even paying top 10 cpa networks much ok so you may ask what; is a keyword is where people search on being .

list of affiliate products

com or like school and; then your actual pop-up so what had become of keywords don’t worry.

I already have it done all for you so let’s go back to the membership and they’re all right here there’s a lot so what I recommend you to do you can either highlight at all is going to bring on yeah yeah some offers i gave you doesn’t require that many keywords.

Highest paying affiliate program

Before this one I’m giving you as much as possible so you could be making like okay after copying that let’s go back’ to being ads so you can paste cpa networks it all here but the thing is there’s three different types of keywords broad there’s bra and two other options although one second one something to living broad phrase an exact we don’t do content because that’s will be on different networks, and we don’t want that and they’re not high quality.

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