How To Promote CLICKBANK With YouTube Advanced strategy

Hey YouTube has it going welcome to worldwide trends this is the Clickbank marketplace tutorial I’m going to show you guys how to promote Click bank products for free it’s free it’s easy, and it’s fast so let’s get started what we’re going to do now is good Click-bank,

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so I’m on google now .We’re gonna click bank, and we’re going to click on the first link just open that a new page and then top 100 promote CLICKBANK With YouTube what we’re going to do is come up here to Clickbank marketplace now I’m going to clickbank rip off  show you guys ;how to do this I don’t I already have an account with Clickbank .

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I’m not going to log ‘m not going to do that if you don’t have an account it’s very easy all you have to do is come here and sign up but out for this video. I’m not ;

gonna do any of that i’m just going to show you guys what to do how to promote Clickbank products on youtube so let’s go to market place ;there it is and we can find products what I’m going to do is I’m just going to come down here and I’m going to open up arts and entertainment now if you’re moving too fast for you guys feel free to pause the video ;people feel free to take notes for free to go back and look it over again, so I’m just going to open this up.

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We’ve got arts and entertainment you know we’ve got a let me just walk you guys through this website so let’s go down here initial sale this is what you’re going to learn when you make a sale with this product this superior seen it right seventy seventy dollars and sixty cents now i want to come over here it says average rebuild total that’s sixteen dollars and fifty-nine cents you make every month after you make the sale now.

if you want to know if it’s average rebuild not three bills every month and I suggest i highly suggest that you go after i highly suggest you use the you promote these products -that have rebuilt every month because even i get money every month it’s better than just promoting one product we just get one sale and then it’s gone .

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This is why promote products like this one and if you want to know if it’s a rebuild product you just come down here you see this blue these blue arrows right here it should say ;

recurring billing just like that so once you’ve found the product i’m going to show you guys how I promote it it’s very easy very free once again i’m going to come back here to google and then I’m going to go to Google –

Keyword planner so let’s go to Google keyword keyword planner now we’re just going to open this it’s for / ASX tool that’s what it says down here is the very first link on google.We’re just going to open that and you come up here and sign into Adwords this is very as cheap top so I’m going to just sign in real quick .

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So once we are into Google we are going to go back to Clickbank right here Clickbank and we’re gonna we’re gonna come to this website right we just opened that just opened website, and I want you to check this out guys this is very important link the link for the website for the product I’m an estate to do the rabbit share with you three of the Muslim pause this video . What I did was I copy this link did you guys see that .

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I came here and I copied, and they go back to Google keyword planner best selling clickbank products  and then what we’re going to do guys now watch this watch what happens .

I’m going to paste this on it says your landing page you’re going to paste that link right here you see -that so we’re going to come down here, and we’re g;going to select keyword options you want to turn this on it says want to turn that are on you can turn it on -what’s that on once that is on you come down here to get ideas and then now we’re going to get a;

list of keywords that we can promote for that product that singing product and then what we’re going to do now is we’re going to rank this ;by average monthly searches all you have to do is just click on that; and it should go from the highest to the lowest search and then you; see these keywords right here on the left these keywords.

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I can promote them so what you can do here is you can you know let’s see it lets see the name of the product first it says superior singing method online singing course so this Matt this product is about a singing course is of course on singing obviously so you want to get something that’s related to that you want to get a key word that’s related to that so how to become a singer ;I probably wouldn’t do that you know this one is probably more relevant to that product you know and check this out guys it has 5400 average monthly searches on Google .

What -I could do so what so what-best clickbank products to promote what I know now is that there is a market for this product because there are people searching for this there are five thousand four hundred people are searching for vocal exercises you know there are five thousand four hundred people searching for singing tips”

you know there are- five thousand four hundred people searching for voice training you know so you’ve got this market of people now that are looking for a product that will help them get better at singing does that; make sense so well what I’m going to do now is and you can go to what I do next is.

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I go to you too right I go to youtube and I just make a youtube video about it .I just make a youtube video promoting this product right here and then one thing that you should know guys let me just open up a notepad;

let me just open up notepad yeah yeah ok so one thing you should know is that when you when you set up a YouTube video for that product for this ;

product the singing video and it doesn’t have to be this very product you know you can find a lot of products not just don’t click bank but on Amazon eBay click sure you know there’s a lot of websites that have these products but anyway .

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YouTube video, so you want to make sure that your title as the key word in it keyword keyword keyword of it like this product is called what’s the code this product is called; superior singing method right so and remember guys if we go back to google keyword planner you know you can have some of “: these keywords in your title like this one vocal exercise were saying tips right.

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I can say okay so i could say like I could say vocal exercises now you see that vocal exercises is a key word right here right here it’s right here it has five thousand four hundred searches a month remember guys so and that’s in my youtube channel video and then I could also say I could also include; another one of these keywords like this one singing tips .

I could say singing tips same tips to ;give you a superior singing method and there it is if you’ve got them you’ve got the title of the video that has cbengine affiliate program

that has one two three key words in it and then you can do the same for your description you know you can have to write about i like to write about ;

Where to promote click-bank products

300 between 100 and so that’s between 100 and 300 words and make sure you have the key words you can come back here and; you can write about all these keywords you know you can write 300 words about these keywords and then you can make sure and then ; you can make sure that you include the products that you’re promoting; ng in there.

Make sure you have the words superior singing method in that description and then you can come here to promote and then all you do is you grab let me just do it right now let me just

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