How To Make Money On Instagram With CPA Marketing Latest Strategy

I’m going to go through the steps it takes to get this method up and running, and I’m gonna try my best to add some value here ok so I’m a CPA network called much bounty.

If you’ve heard of them gray if you haven’t will be a link in the description to sign up I’d recommend that you go and sign up to max bounty ;if you haven’t already if you’re looking for a CPA network then the always pay on time they have competitive rates and you ;

can actually request campaigns that you want what you can do this video with any of the CPA networks so  show you the offer ;that we’re going to be promoted on Instagram so I’m just going ;to go to search campaigns here and through instagram With CPA Marketing search- options and categories and click are where is it surveyed here.

Instagram basic  marketing strategies

we go on as were promoting leads, from Instagram most of the traffic is going to be coming from mobile okay so take that and then click so now you can see here there are a lot of offers that we can promote that I already have one bookmark;

and is actually the survey junkie offer I’m going to be using this one because it’s got high epic its mobile optimized it looks great”. instagram  and it’s for the people in us so if we just go ahead and click on it here here is the author as you can see it looks fantastic and all they have to do ; for us to get paid is enter their email and click get started the box we can enter your;

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e-mail us both the fold it’s visual , it’s clear takes over as get paid very simple idea converse well now as you can see here .We’re going to get a dollar per lead which is pretty decent okay so now we’ve decided that we’re going to promote this offer :here we need to decide who were going to promote now there are various avenues we could go down here you’ve got to think who would- want to enter surveys now we could go ahead and target students.

Marketing best practices

Who are low on cash and who need money or we could go to target single moms, moms the lower money they’re really want to help the children out there we could go and target them and that’s what I’m gonna be doing in the video,

so we’re going to aim the campaign at moms so now what we need ;to do is make our actual Instagram account now if you’re on your phone and go and made this on your phone while you watch the video i have an emulator called, blue sucks and it basically “just emulate an ;android device and having to the ground downloaded here if you want to get bluestacks on your pc just go to blue stocks . com and then ,click download and it’s really easy to install ok here on Instagram ;

“I’m just going to make an account here and you don’t want to do the; same sign up with an email or phone number ok so now obviously .

We’re going to need to sign it with an email I need to think of an email; that i haven’t used on Instagram ok so just entered an email there now here you want to enter the four name.

Now you can change this once again to the out but i’m just going to put something like survey mom is catchy straight to the point and it tells people what you are and it’s going to entice people to click on your profile there .

instagram marketing service

Instagram giveaway method

We go we’re going to be called survey mom I’m going to enter the password- now that your name was taken so we’re just going to try and think of something out ok so we’ve got survey mom so here’s my Instagram account here now this is;

is making your Instagram profile look somewhat decent so you’re going to need a profile picture you’re going to need about .

I don’t know free to five images on your profile something about more need something -about the struggle you going through and just something the- people going to be able to relate to and entice them more to click on your link which is going to be in the bio there are many ways -to get pictures here i’m just going to look for some now ”

I’m going to use this page it’s not the best picture that we could choose; book it shows clearly that that she’s holding money on it looked pretty happy. I’m just going -to save this image onto my desktop I’m gonna make a new folder calling it into the drum and save into here .


I’m going to have it about there I’m and click accept ok so now we have our profile picture here survey mom and now we just want to start filling out our instagram profile another good place you can get pictures from his tumblr so I could put in for example rich tumblr and there’s gonna be like tagged pictures with rich or well feel like sure of luxury or over things; like that now ;obviously you don’t want to grab pictures like this because it’s just not realistic the someone will be making this kind of money from surveys:

I’m going to grab this picture here and add this to the collection. I’m just going to save image as save that so that’s 1. i’m going to take this picture here which is actually on Instagram which could be a good place to find pictures –

so we’re just going to try and’ get a couple of pictures from Instagram I’m going to do something like hashtag ;money on something like this I’m going to have as well ‘get your shoes about personality into the profile now with Instagram you can just save the pictures it saves as a web page complete but you can go to snipping tool and then you snip it like this yeah and then save as to the desktop .

instagram marketing secrets

Marketing guide pdf

I got free images i’m going to upload

‘them and we’re going to roll with that so back to my Instagram profile here we’re just going to start uploading these pictures and then we will look at the picture you ‘want to add a small caption now you want to step into the shoes of the hard-working mom so make money like .


I do link in bio to see you around now you could put summer emerges here i’m going to bother because i don’t really help the time i’m just going to show you the concert so now I’m just going to select all of this and copy it and paste it ; back on. Now as you can see we’ve got a picture with a relative capture.What we now need to do is edit the bio on profile.

Now i need to meet its by are relatable to moms so to help but all my children- join me something powerful I that something sharp straight to the point now in the website we can’t just end to our link straight off much bound to hear it’s just not going to work so what you need to do is copy this;

long URL here and there’s a couple of things you can do you can go and buy a domain and get a domain redirector and then which is fairly cheap or you can do it the freeway which I’m going to show you “now you could go ahead and; shorten this link with URL shortener but the URL shorteners; do not like the CPA links or anything spammy.


They just block it out completely, so the way to go around this is by making a website and I’m going to show you how you can do this now is literally going to take 10 minutes. You want to come to and then click login or sign up ;if you have an account already and now once you’re on your Weebly account here you just want to click this button here click outside now you want to choose something really basic because.

Social marketing strategy

All we’re going to be doing is that in a click here to find out how to link so here we go just go to personal and click on this theme here or any of a simple; one that you want to choose you see in a minute what we want a really simple one ok so you can use the sub domain here, and I’m just; going to call their survey moms that we really . Com there.We go click –

continue and now here is the site was going to call this so very mom’s and then you just want to add a title click here to get it ;

click here to find out how then we’re going to do is make that central highlight to site URL and here I’m going to copy in our much bounty link is going to open in a new window I just wanted to open in the same ;window I basically hope all we need to do ‘im going to click publish.

instagram snaps up

Then here is our website here click here to find out now and then it’s going to take us to our CPA offer this isn’t the one more promote in because I’m from the UK it’s actually only available in the US so you’d be surprised how easy this is to convert now once you have this URL here you can then go ahead and go to; something like bit ly which have the URL from your really; account you can go and paste it into a bit ly or any URL shortening ;

service here up here and then once someone clicks on this bit link it’s going to take us to our web site here,

and they’re going to be able to ;click here to find out now so copy the bitly link here go back to your Instagram,

and then you want to paste the bit link into the website click the tick and then here is a profile here single mom;

hard work out i make money on the internet are my children join me I’m gonna make that a lot more powerful here single mom hard work are any money-making opportunity and then a link here I do not know how long .

Vanity media

This is going on I don’t know if this is going to add value but now what we need to do is get traffic to this now getting traffic to; this is pretty easy ok so who are you talking to now we’re going to be targeted single moms so we need to find a page that had a demographic of apparently single moms now I found an Instagram page earlier called what’s up mom what you can just simply type in single search mom more; one problems mom hacks anything along them lines to find moms or you can use this page.

if you want because it’s going to get more followers as time goes on so these are about 77 k followers, and it’s the number one parent network on youtube or whatever,

and it’s full ;of moms that want to make money so here we just click on the followers and then all we need to do is going to follow ”

all these people ;now once you follow these people are going to get a notification on the phone and they’re going to check out your profile because it says serving moms are going to click on it they’re going to see what you’re about they’re going to see that you make money online ;

I’m they’re probably going to be intrigued I’m because the match found ;key pages are great converting people into leads you’re going to get; some good leads” from this now Instagram has an hourly follow limit of around 250.

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