How To Make Big Comissions With ClickBank Using Social Media

Today i will guide you how to make big commission with ClickBank.These days the internet is much more in fact one of the main reasons a lot of people are getting online now is the socialized with their

friends; using social media networks so do social media matter for traffic absolutely the two biggest make money with clickbank for free networking sites, Twitter and Facebook are some of the most highly trafficked websites in the world in any given moment.

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There are literally hundreds of millions of users on these websites so if you want to really get your own

traffic success you’re going to need to include make money with clickbank step by step as part of your overall traffic generation strategy this is why I suggest you devoted to of your seven-day traffic generation plan to social media exclusively.

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Let’s get started with the big daddy of all the social networks in case you haven’t seen the movie

Facebook was created by college kid in his dorm room and quickly grew to become a household name and a company of internet,

and business luncheon ;now worth billions this website is visited by nearly one out of every eight people

on the entire planet essentially with Facebook make money with clickbank on autopilot free you can post a profile on this profile you can post pictures videos and update; your status throughout the day you can then network with others and become

Facebook friends and keep in contact with them through simple and clean interface .

Because social networking component make money with clickbank using Facebook has a feature that is called fan pages with fan pages a

business individual website or brand can create a Facebook presence that essentially functions the same

way as a person’s profile does he can post related pictures videos and other information regarding your website:

people can then become a fan of your website and they can receive regular updates from you directly under their own Facebook –

profile this mechanism is very powerful because you’re able access your audience directly on a platform

which they used so often you can update your fan page saying that you posted an exciting new piece of

content to your website and it would automatically go out to all your fans as your fancy this update in the profile they can click on your link and come to your website generating traffic for you.

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let’s see how to use Facebook for traffic the first thing you’d want to do is to create a personal profile for

yourself if you don’t already have one on facebook after you’ve created your personal profile you can log into Facebook and use your fan page creator to make your fan page here’s the link to do : / pages / create dot PHP when you create in your fan page make sure that you post

some initial content to it so that any new fans; will have something to look at the next step is need to take

is to integrate the facebook like button onto your website when someone likes your website on facebook

any updates that you send out -through your fan page will also be sent to the people who like your web-site:

the easiest way to integrate a like button on your website is they use the Facebook like widget / docs / reference / plugins / like it’s pretty simple and straightforward to install your website.

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If you run into any problems there are plenty of tutorials available for free online after you’ve done these

two things your website is essentially fully integrated with facebook and you should begin using this

platform immediately to engage your audience directly however our social networking adventure is not complete.

We must dive into the world of Twitter is another huge social network however it functions a little differently than facebook ;

where Facebook allows for users to have a profile with all types of videos photos and other information Twitter does not instead the drop Twitter is the ability to get short and quick status updates from people

brands businesses and websites that you are interested in;

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While Facebook has this feature to Twitter was the first website to popularize this feature known as

microblogging now the reason why we want to use Twitter and Facebook is because well some people use

them both others tend to focus solely on one network over the other money from clickbank the secret revealed pdf ?

since we want to spread our traffic net far and wide to catch as many possible visitors i suggest you integrate twitter into your 70 traffic generation plan as well.

Because Twitter is a social network they allow you to build friends but on Twitter they’re called followers

how does it work as follows each user has what is called a tweet stream where tweets from all the people they’re following come in in real time these tweets are limited to a hundred and forty characters :

they’re often one to two-sentence short blurbs but whatever it is the person is talking about for traffic

purposes clickbank success – affiliate marketing without a website  if you have a Twitter ;following and you want them to visit a specific link you can write a short

blurb and post a link to Twitter and some of your follower base will visit it the larger follower bases on Twitter the more traffic you can generate from these types of tweets so let’s see how to do it the first

thing you need to do is to create your own profile on Twitter .

If you’re trying to bring yourself i suggest that you create a profile with your own name in it you want to

brand your business best way to make money with ClickBank or your website make the business name”

or website name the name of your twitter profile by the way all Twitter profiles have the at sign in front of them as well creating your profile on Twitter is very straightforward and easy to do and here’s the link?

make money with clickbank step by step

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to get started / sign up after you sign up to Twitter and have created your profile you’re

going to want to move on to the next step the next thing you need to do is to integrate your tweet stream directly on your website this is done by using the Twitter widget / about /

resources/widgets to Twitter widget will show you  clickbank for beginners tweet stream activity or your website so any website visitors”

who have Twitter accounts can easily start following you on twitter as well besides advertising your

twitter account in your web page via Twitter widget there’s some proactive things you can do to actually

start building up your follower:

base you’re probably going to want to do this at least initially because the more traditional you up here on Twitter the more followers you can get fine followers on Twitter directories just like the phone

directories of the old days there are directories for people composed or Twitter account information and

their interests so they can attract followers who have similar taste is a do here’s a short list of the best Twitter directories to use that’s T w.e.l.l ohdot com.

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We follow dot-com that’s twi t di just tweet it dot com tweet find dot-com Twitter

counter dot-com and that’s two be as dot-com finding people in the Twitter directories is

pretty easy promote clickbank with Youtube,

you can often search by peoples profession hobbies and other interest you want more followers you can also find followers on niche related celebrity big brand Twitter accounts you can find followers by browsing .

the list the people who are following big brands and several everybody’s in your specific niche market for instance.

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