How to Install Apache Server on Windows Fast

How to download and install a batch e on Windows 7 so first thing you were going to open up a browser ; and go to Apache lounge. Com gonna go to the download section scroll scroll down a little bit apache2 . for binary species install Apache Server on Windows 14 they have two ;

of them here one is for Windows 64-bit and the other one is for Windows 32-bit if you don’t know which operating system type’ you have let me show you how to find out go to Windows start menu click on that computer right click properties this window will show up about your system information scroll down here until you sit system type and then line is a 64-bit operating system by you might have a 32-bit so since.

apache software download windows 7

Apache lounge install windows

I have a 64-bit going to close this window here and go back to ;

the browser I’m going to get the 64-bit version now before we download this file dc14 means it was compiled in that the latest visual c++ redistributable for visuals to the 2016 and that’s the file that’s .The Apache version you want to install if you want also to install a PHP 7 which is also compiled in DC 14 now if you want to earlier and release of for example php5 you would get an earlier version of a sec 11 .

You would click here and download abc11 instead, but I’m going to be installing the latest version of PHP seven-point which is the best so I’m going to grab this file -here now before I do let’s actually grab the visual c++ redistributable; for visual studio 2015 by clicking on this link here it’s gonna send us to this page .

We’re going to download it oh and they also have them in 64 bit version or 32-bit x86 stands for 32 bit version of Windows 7 now i have a 64-bit i’m going to select that one click Next and i’m going to; save the file i’m gonna click on it run and i already have it installed so I’m not going to install it but you guys go ahead and install them distributable on your computer I’m gonna close this window here and let me go back to this file and click on it and save now it actually takes a long time to downloaded two minutes whatever so I’m just going to cancel it because-

Download apache for windows 10

i already have it downloaded and ;I’m going to go ahead and open up my- downloads folder scroll all the way down and this is the file that you guys should have downloaded if you chose the 64-bit dc14 and as you can see i have other files that i experiment with here but this is the one that I’m going to use .

how to download apache tomcat
i’m using the win for our to extract and sit out to extract zip files on my computer and i highly recommend winrar it’s a very fast and easy to use application for extracting zips and also creating new I archives so if you guys don’t have it go – I recommend that you go to our are soft . calm and go to the download; section and just download the latest version of winrar depending on which operating system type you have it’s not a requirement that because Windows comes with default I zip extractor but I like winter are much better ”

Wampserver not working windows 10

again I’m going to select this file and I’m going to choose extract files and i highly recommend you guys extract the folder the patch folder to your c drive I mean you can extract there; anywhere else but it’s just easier to access, and it’s going to go ahead and extract only 19 files and wait a little bit all right now I’m going to go to my C Drive and bam thankyou 24 and this is the Apache folder with all the Apache files in it now let me show you something some configuration: settings here the Apache configuration file is located in this conf folder .

i’m going to open the folder and I’m going to look at this HTTP file this is the Apache settings file where you set all the settings for apache and we’re going to click right on it open with and we’re going to go ahead and open it with notepad ;and this text will show up with a bunch of Apache sayings in it now the only things that we need to check is make sure that server route is set to see Apache 24 or whatever you installed extracted;

your apache files and it should be set by default to this directory and make sure that the listen port is 80 and lastly we’re going to scroll all the way their own until we find document root and directory Ok, so these two directories here are the default directories for Apaches web files and the web files are files like PHP JavaScript HTML basically any kind of web files that you will be running from your computer once that she is working this is the default folder located a match 24 htdocs. I like to keep my web files undersea localhost and if you guys want to do the same thing just create the localhost folder on your c drive but you can also leave these default,

Wamp server windows 10 orange

so I’m going to go ahead and save that solar setting that we need to do here for now.

If you didn’t change anything he left everything default you can just close out without saving and i also recommend that you guys create a shortcut to this configuration file and place it somewhere where you’ll be able to easily access; it because we’re going to be you’re going to be my find some sayings of Apache in the future inevitably and you can just base it on your desktop, but i have it here in my-my expanded menu under settings .
I conveniently have all these settings files underneath this menu including the Apache configuration settings and you guys can learn how to create this kind of cool menu I in my other video called organizing files and folders on Windows 7 but anyway let’s go back to apache folder on the c drive and open up the bin folder and within the bin folder you’ll see if that you monitor.


Allow Apache through windows firewall

Exe and let’s go ahead and right click and open the Apache monitor once you open the Apache monitor you.ll have this icon show up at the bottom right corner of your screen and we can go ahead and right-click on it and open a passion liner now the fashion monitor is just a very convenient way to see if their patches offline or if it’s online right now it’s red icon indicates the patches offline and it also tells us which is your version we’re running .

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