How to Install and Run WordPress Locally On Your Home Computer

Are you want install and run wordpress locally on compture or laptop?

You can work with it and learn it and the reason I’m doing this is that I just loaded up a theme here on my personal blog which, I want to put over here on another one of my web pages on my Christopher review site and this is a good blog that gets good traffic.

install wordpress locally mac without mamp

Install wordpress on localhost xampp


I don’t want to mess it up by transferring this new theme” so what I’m going to do is install it locally now we’re going to need for this course is WordPress go to dot org and download WordPress the latest version this case 3.1.

Just click on it here make sure you get the zip file and not the Linux gzipped pad you want this one.

You’re also going to need a server on your local machine and for that.

We’re going to use a program called lamp server and just type in wamp server;go to the first one here and go down and just download the server which is going to allow you to create the database and use your machine a portion of it as a server now.

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Install wordpress on wamp server

  • I’ve already gone ahead and downloaded those and what you’re going to end up with is a zip file which is your WordPress file and then your lamp server executable file your zip file maybe yellow mine is multicolored.


  • Because i use WinRAR to as my unzip program so go ahead and open up extract your  WordPress folder.
  • I’m just going to drop it on my desktop here extract it to your desktop so what you’re going to end up with is a folder a WordPress folder on your desktop.
  • We have the lamp server let’s go ahead  and launch that just execute hit run go to next accept the agreement; is going to create a folder sequel backslash lamp which is your server we’re going to create a desktop icon just hit next go through the install process now of course.

localhost wordpress dashboard

If you just getting started that’s another reason you might want todo this.

If you want to learn WordPress maybe your brand-new you don’t have a domain you don’t have a hosting account in the domain name setup on your machine and play with it.

Localhost url xampp


Learn exactly how to use it it’s been ok  now here we are it’s telling us that Firefox has been detected do we want to make it are different fall browser for Webster.

  • Phpmailer parameters just leave that is localhost, and for your email, for now, we’re going just to go ahead and delete that out hit next let’s finish and launched our web server:go down once that’s done go over to your taskbar minds on the top here.


You’ll see that the web server is running they just click on that and let’s go to our PHP admin because we need to set up our database will create the database now right here.


You’re going to see create the database, and we’re going to just do WordPress that’s the name of it just type it in don’t worry about the rest of this down here this is important here.



If you look here says your configuration park contains settings route with no password and that corresponds to your; default sequel my sequel privileged account, so that’s important to remember route with no password.

  1. Let’s go appearance and hit create and as you can see now our database WordPress has been created.
  2. Let’s go ahead and reduce this, and we’re gonna go back here to our WordPress folder on our desktop go and open that up as you can see.
  3. We have all the files necessary for our installation what we want to do is we want to place and to do that you’re going to go to my computer then you’re going to go to your c drive over here do you see do.

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