How to host your website FREE “Using Microsoft”

Hey what is up guys – speaks to do is here and today I’m gonna be doing a bit of a different video I’m gonna be showing you how to upload your website to Microsoft as you’re so first of all you want to get onto the Microsoft is:

your page like so here log in to your account using your credit dentialĀ host your website free now – first of all you may want to just doesn’t like me.

procedure to host a website on internet

Steps to host a website

I can say let me just. I think I’ve got it fixed now so what I’ve had to do is you have to create your account fast add in your credentials then sign in using your Microsoft account like so and then after you’ve done that after creating account you should be greeted with this while the loading screen at the moment here you go this is the portal screen once you’ve logged’ on and given your credit engines credit card .

But do not worry this is Microsoft is completely safe everyone to cancel it’s completely fine now what I’m using here for my website at the moment is just the free- version doesn’t cost you any money it may ask you to put your credit card but it is not taking any money into your bank account ok so what we’re going to do is click down on the web apps on the side here click create a web up now you want to give it a name I click create quick rate;

How to host a website for free with domain name

I’m going to name mine will either and then all you want to do choose your region so that you get the best internet speeds- that create what up now once that’s creating yeah it’s just creating, and your web app should be done soon which is also known as website here we go it’s done ok now what you want to do is open up your 10 before that you want to go “on to your web app click on dashboard and then on the side here.

steps to host a website on a server

It says to reset your deployment residentials that’s because I’ve already done this before but what you want to do is do a add your deployment credentials or whatever it says for you there click on it, and it should come up with this except you’ll put your username and password and a new put on another password to confirm it .

Free web hosting wordpress

Then once you’ve done that you want to open up your FTP client that’s what mine this is mine here I’m using files in a very good ok now if I just get rid of all this here and show you how to do this your host name is this here except with the FTP colon slash slash and copying that in to host your username which is your username ;

you’ve had but as well as that see if you have a look at the side here down here it’s got a backslash now that’s depending on who you: are what name of your website.

I guess we want to do put the whole thing to my wise up backslash realize look because that’s username I used and also the name of the website.

Host website on google cloud

Will you look and you just want to enter your password and then click quick net and what you’ve done that you want to double click on site going to click on www root and then here you agree with this folder you want to”

how to host your own website on your local machine

keep everything in this world because this is how it worked locate your folder on your desktop or your c drive whatever place you got your website finds it select all of the contents and drag and drop it onto this part of FileZilla do not worry he’s not taking it and;

replacing its just copying it now once that’s done all we need to do is minimize FileZilla it back to the main portal of your website.

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