How to hide friends on facebook with Most Amazing Method

how to hide friends on facebook mobile siteToday ,i will show you how to hide friends on Facebook with Most Amazing Method list the person -that you need to do.

Log into Facebook to get to your profile and then move down right here.

Where it says friends hopefully ,have more than one friend.

Which I know someone that is going to pull- all your friends here friends of friends,

which is a great option, if you’re looking to spend your- Outer Circle.

how to hide friends on facebook app iphone

Best way to hide your friend list from facebook

I’m getting out you can go to specific people or List it was really cool, so if you want just one person which I have just my wife sees.

  • My friends, I will go ahead and hit save changes on that -same method you can apply how to hide friends on facebook using android and also profile facebook.
  • And hit close and that’s how simple it is hide your friend list on Facebook .

how to hide friends on facebook most amazing method

  • I can share with you if you have any questionsou and ask me realted how to hide friends on facebook application or any other facebook problem .
  • won’t do anything of your privacy from your friends or from anyone and you don’t want to see you friends list in IPhone or any other.
  • Facebook is big social network where people share own -ideas and video and much more but always try to tight own privacy and you cal also look facebook news feed how to hide.

how to hide friend list on facebook from public

Facebook hiden friend list

Remove and hide your friends list which public to- own just timeline its too much safe for all personal facebook user and good

security In update facebook method now more good future.

You can also how to hide on Facebook  messenger same use this method and apply go privacy and just edit then save then you can get complete hide profile.

You ,need to get Google Chrome it’s very fast- browser for application friends list on latest facebook, my opinion it is the best browser for using the internet.


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