How to Get Long Tail Pro Free

Download long tail Pro free and  how you can do keyword research with it best keyword  software for decision whether you want to buy the program or not based on the knowledge on the fingers.


I’ve told you  we’re going to find long tail keyword  into the program.I’m going to make this all in one
once you load of long tail Pro.

  • You’re not going to have any data in the field  using long tail keyword research tools in the top left-hand corner.


  • We can create a new project, and this is just going to organize things in kind of a folder i can call this project YouTube here comport of country a language a search engine on keyword map pro.


  • If i want to include new ideas and then click create a project I now we’re into the YouTube project now here is going to ask us for a seed keyword On best long tail tools:

and these are just going to be research long tail keyword that I just going to spark ideas for keyword research so say for example”

i have a website on I don’t know survival I’ll i could enter a :seed keyword of pocket nights and I can click out here now you can add multiple seed keywords.

long tail keyword research tool

Best Long tail Pro For keyword research tools

You can just add couple here survival backpack I’m just going to leave it with two key words here now also of these keywords if you click on them you can do some more refined in .

  1. We can actually get a seed keyword to include a word so for example we can get this result here to only show results with best but we’re going to leave the out,
  2. and you can do the same thing with all of you seed keywords but don’t worry you can Change this winter in the program anyway,and that’s the only thing you need to know, and then you want to click generate and fetch data.
  3. Now he’s going to generate the keyword ideas for your see keyword researcher .

I’m you just have to wait for the program ok so now as you can see we have a load of keywords 964 to be precise we have 509 pocket knife keywords and 455 survival backpack keyword.

Good and bad keyword difference using long tail pro software

Now as you can see we’re on all free keyword tool now if we want to just see the pocket not keywords we can click on it, and it’s just gonna show us the pocket knife key words on  best keyword analysis tools:

then obviously the same thing for survival backpacks he’s going to show us all of these keywords now the man.

  • I’m just going to focus on the pocket knife keyword. so now quick overview of whatever from means here obviously you’ve got the key word column here and next to it is the suggested bid.

Now this is just an average bid for advertisers say for the example you’re running Google Adsense on your website the suggested bed is one advertiser is going to pay per click so the higher the suggested bed.

Long tail software For keyword rank tracker

long tail keywords tool free
Make my Google Adsense so say for example using long tail pro rank tracker  i had an article on personalized pocket knives .

we have a bid of 22 pounds on 19 i’m going to make more money per click then if I wrote an article on book nights at 22 pen and then obviously we have our local searches now with using keywords in research.


I like to go into this little Settings box here and take the global searches on that’s just going to put it.

Beside it here and obviously is not shown any data ,we can just click this and then click fetch on is going to get all the results for the global searches advertiser competition is basically how many advertisers are trying to get their adverts on a specific  free online long tail keyword generator here .


As you can see the minute they all say hi but if we scroll down through offers you’re going to get some lows and some mediums,

then here the average keyword competitiveness is a score from zero to a hundred and it takes into consideration all of these factors .

  • How to do keyword research

Put a number on how competitive the key word is now you can find out when you look into a keyword in more detail.


Now looking at these keywords we haven’t done any filter and we just have a hugely now if you’re looking for good keywords that you want to rank for you want to go for long tail keyword and to get long tail keyword you want to filter out for long tail pro review with like four to five words.


  1. If we click this set in here we can add the number of words tub, and as you can see it just adds it right here now I’m going to change the minimum number 24.


I’m just going to see what comes up and obviously now.


As you can see we have some longer tail keywords that we could run for.

You want to look a keyword that looks nice and has a nice number of global searches now this is where your research comes in you’re going to have to look through some good keywords for search engines and analyze.


If they’re good enough to rank for and i’m going to show you some examples with some good keywords on some bad keywords.

  • So here we take a look at stainless steel pocket knife with 320 global searches and mom if we click on the key word is going to show was more information on this information can be used to decide.


If we could run for this but the story shows us the title in URL and we can see clearly in bold where the key word is in the title.

As you can see here we have sites target in the stainless steel pocket knife we have an shop which I’m assuming is a shop for a knife.

We have the Amazon store Walmart another the page here with  branded keyword reports and so on now if we look at some of these results here you can see that not all of them are targeted stainless steel pocket knives.

Blog post keyword research

In fact if we go right down here we have how to choose the right knife guide to the best steel pocket knife today and WR case night whatever they are so straight away it shows some signs of it being a good keyword.

  • Now we move over to the keyword competitiveness , basically anything like below 30 is a good sign that you could rank for this thing’s like 44 you’re not going to be able to be there too competitive.


  • It just shows that much more of an authority than over pages down the line here we can go to page authority here the number one here just means that the page hasn’t been given a page or authority yet.


It’s fairly new now if we scroll down here as I said like anything less than 30 is great now this one is for Tiber it’s not targeting the keyword,

this one is 32 so which is decent and this one here is 20 and 18 and I moving on to page links it shows us how many links are given to this page here.

  • This one’s got 27,000 this one’s got a hundred and sixty 106 and so on but we don’t tend to look at page looks too much it’s more about the link juice you can have a page link into your page here,

but it’s not going to do much if it doesn’t carry much link juice.

keyword research software

As you can see here we have a couple with seven and four here and this, to be honest, it looking like a niche website and-and you can just click it and see what kind of content the making and see .

Find long tail keywords

if you can create better value the Domain Authority is basically the authority of the domain obviously has a 98 Domain Authority;

Because it is our Muslim this is the modern kits similar to the page or foreign people i don’t really pay attention to this and then you have the site age on the page rank.


Now a brief overview  free keyword tools for SEO looking at this keyword here i can see pages there are targeting the key word there are ranked in .

I think that I could get in the there are pages with low page Authority and pretty low links in here so if i could create content for stainless steel pocket knife that’s great on high-value. now you mind how you can identify long tail keyword?


I can give that page some juicy links then we could be onto a winner we could definitely get it around the
top six are definitely on first page.


  • If I was to like this keyword here which i do I could just get the start here, and it’s going to go into the a bad keyword it has a higher search volume, You’re going to know that is going to be more competitive unless you found a real good time it’s;

targeting the Swiss Army pocket knife as you can see yahoo keyword research tool you have a high page Authority website Walmart knife depo eBay Wikipedia.

I’m not sure what that is a knife center Amazon Swiss Army knife there are loads of high authority website here and unless you are SEO long tail keywords really good in the industry.


known you’re probably not going to be able to round here with a small niche site as you can see here also they have a ton of links to all of this website.

They have loads of links that carried you long tail keyword example of a bad keyword now your best keywords are probably going to be lower down in the less amount of searches.




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