How To Fix Broken links & Redirections With Simple step For Beginners

WordPress plug (BLC) is one of the SEO SEO plugins. For great WordPress blog, this plugin is life-saving to remove broken links and redirects.

This supplement is very useful fix broken links  when you clean your WordPress page after some time. This add-on is all broken and redirected links and provides options to fix them in many ways. Before we talk about the plugin broken linker check to check certain information about broken links.

fix broken links excel

Broken link analysis

Broken links are links that do not exist. Is a death with the condition code 404. For example, the connection, it can be related to a web page or pages in the past and now that there is no connection or has been deleted, such links are links for broken or dead robots.

If a visitor follows this link, you will get 404 page and search engine robots will get status code 404, which means that this page does not exist. Under the aspect of broken links SEO (dead links), a view is the dead end and adds a negative impact on your blog.


For a website, there are many broken links or websites or you can use Xenu to check all the broken links in your blog. But when it comes to WordPress, there are plugins like Auditor’s Link making our lives easier. Too many links 404 are also referenced to the informal red links, and you can read more on the wiki page.


BLC is a free tool to correct the verification link to WordPress.It will help you find broken links in your blog, and any redirects. Especially if their messages have too many comments, during the time that you can have hundreds or thousands of broken links.

This plugin WP checks all URLs on your WordPress blog and gives a full broken report and redirected links. Plugin author has updated this addition to taking the load on your site and now comes with many parameters.

WordPress broken link checker

Enable the plugin and access your settings by clicking Tools> Broken Links
It might take some time for you to start seeing broken and redirected links. The homepage of your control panel. Here is how to add broken links Checker shows broken links:
Long with the broken link, it displays the status code that will help you determine if you have to disconnect, update, or take any action. Again, my recommendation would be to refresh the link instead of just distancing it. In case if you have a great blog with thousands of broken links, it’s best to get rid of those links 404 for later, instead, getting rid of it instead.

search site for broken links

You can click on settings in the upper right and many settings. Above all, go to “Search Links” to view the comments. If the server is not sufficient or when it is overloaded, you can set the load limit of the server on the Settings tab. There is an option in general that will allow you to stop the search engine robots allowing broken links.

Outlook broken links fix it
Usually, this plugin plug and play will find broken links, but also suggest that you check and confirm “stop search engines following broken links” and comment on search links.
So after this supplement runs for 2-3 hours, detected nearly 500 defective links. For comments, you can just select all these comments and the drop-down menu allows you to unlink shortcut. Or you can hover any link above and quickly dissociate or change brand as if it was not broken. Especially for blog entries, I recommend you update with the update the broken if your post quality could not be good, no link link link.

Here is the most interesting feature of this plugin and is to find and fix the redirection. Over time, many people change their field and perform a redirection or may have changed their permalink and old publications are linked to each other, using the old permalink, which is not good for SEO anyway. Close Checker checks link every redirected broken, and with one click you can correct and update the links to redirect a new one.

In case if you use affiliate links, it will also be displayed as a redirected link, so be sure not to put such an affiliate links. Here is a screenshot of how to correct redirected links:

Search site for broken links
If you have already changed your domain, permalink, or moved from Blogspot to WordPress or any other platform, this feature in funnels linkers dead link checkers will be very useful.

link analysis chart

There is some time I changed the CallingAllGeeks permalink structure, which in the double description goal display led all the messages in the HTML suggestion google webmaster tool. After watching the webmaster,

I notice that it is an error, but still see no point to maintain the relationships with the old permalink structure. Because these links are redirected and can not be viewed SEO friendly. Here is a screenshot for the same:

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