How To Fix a Corrupted USB Flash Drive and Save files

This is a question that I get pretty often and I that’s how do you fix a USB Drive that’s become corrupted as a result of using it to boot of various Linux distributions or ;Windows or whatever a lot of times when you create a bootable flash drive it’ll partition the restore usb drive to full capacity with the NBR that will configure it in such a way fix a corrupted USB Flash Drive that sometimes it will make it unreadable by certain up ;

recover flash drive that stop working

Recover corrupted usb flash drive

operating systems or at least unable to format because it becomes right protected and stuff like that you know .

I use image us be ruthless hard DD and Linux the built-in meant to image writer the mental picture; writer, there’s various tools out there to create a bootable flash drive some of them make the flash drive act a little funny afterwards .
I’ve been asked quite a few times how do i fix that problem if I’m on windows and I don’t have access to a Linux terminal or the Linux tools of G party or something how ;do i fix a flash drive that’s become corrupted in windows well it’s pretty easy going to plug this drive into this drive is damaged as you can see it recognizes the device, but it doesn’t recognize ”

what it is it’s prompting me to insert a disk if i go to the file manager you can see it’s unreadable to insert the disk if i try to format it that doesn’t work either ;the lever come up there we see a show me unknown capacity on this Drive I try to format it it just throws out an error ;

was unable to complete for that so what do we do in this situation was actually pretty ;easy pretty much every version of Windows since Windows XP has a disk partitioning command line tool built into it and this tool will fix this problem, and this is how you use it we’re just going to type in disk part .

Corrupted flash drive recovery

This will take boot up there are two spinning out my hard drives right now it’s checking my drives like an hour in the disk partitioning props from here we’re going to type in list disk and here’s a list of all of our disc the flash drive is the one on the bottom because it’s the two gig one and I know that that’s the drive; because that’s the flash drives the only thing that.

I have in this computer that’s only two gigs so from here we’re going to type in select disk three ok disc three is now the selected this now we want to clean; the drive this is going to erase the everything from the MBR forward it’s going to be a complete paper weight of a piece of hardware after we do this we’re going to type and clean that’s going to zap- that drive this part succeeded and cleaned the disk, ok the next thing we want to do is we want to create a brand new partition tape .

restore usb drive to full capacity

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We’re going to type in create partition primary just make sure you spell right part i will let that happen ok that was a success, and now we want to format its to a readable format so now we’re going to type format file system equals fat 32 ;and we want to make that a quick format if you don’t put -the quick in there it’ll formats sector by sector will be here forever so we’ll just do a quick format will let that run it doesn’t take long there we go it’s done and look at drives back to life now if you did this and your drive didn’t wake up then you would have to assign it’s a new drive letter.

To do this, we would type in active, and that will mark that drives an act of drive and then we would type a sign and then this that’ll give us a new drive letter as you know as you can see right now it is dry h if I assign a drive letter it

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