How To Debug A Link To Post To Facebook Fast (Social Information)

Picture alone about to Michael still sure that you can use in Facebook

to debug links to Post To Facebook Fast that means that we try to,

usually when something happens .

If the link doesn’t work right this is an- example of Michael stelzner ,

Shows is something we’ve all seen for a week we posted a link on Facebook .

We get paid again and instead of giving us this one- nights summary of the articles

about in the first paragraph, and maybe showing an image or thumbnail .

It just gives these two links that- have been shortened or just gives the links

that we provide.

how to debug a facebook link

It really doesn’t ,do anything you should -be flattered or bounce back already had

and that’s because there’s something, really wrong with what you say but there’s

something a little bit funny about the page .

1.Debug YouTube link Facebook

The wage structure sometimes it could, be something as simple as our site:

is not responding fast enough to Facebook .

We just says well here’s the -best I can do, and it just put the link there

what the debugger does is try to- find out what’s wrong with the link that.

It’s not performing to its utmost- and then sets up a link internally in Facebook

That is going to give you as much flexibility -as possible in terms of ,

what Facebook will serve up ?

Let me let me flip, around here just a- little bit and try and Link that

I’ve already got complete fiverr video course free kind of on the tab .

This is something ,that was posted from us rice producers from and

I’ve been sitting here it’s not as big as it would appear to be actually 403 .

debug link for facebook

It’s pretty much here- but I’m going to copy the URL set alarm for 2 so can she go

with me ,

this is the exact Facebook fan page  and we have pasted it into the you what have you been up

to see you is go give a friend the other money .

That’s not the ideal funny, I’m going to go ahead and I’m- going to get at 5

we’re going to let me show” you some of you do it .

I’m going to reload the page  -to clean and get rid of the post that,

We had in there up till then  go to the depot and I will have a link for this in a web post to all staff.

A Blog that will love you the actually- in and I would recommend everybody

bookmark this link on putting the tab have it someplace.

We can find it so input URL that means, the thing that

I just tried and I got the weather rain.

So put it with the insertion point in that field

and I’m going to click paste and I’m going to clean them up .

2.Debug share link facebook

I don’t know what all this-means but sometimes you will, get a red mark or Red

Symbol and it says- cannot be debugged.

Errors that can be fixed and these, are errors that are things that I’m going to have Rick

Look into later but All These Warnings should be fixed.

if something says cannot be fixed then we got a different kind of problem,

but it may be something as simple as the site running slow.

facebook link debug

Facebook can extract all the information we need this is kind of interesting

because it shows the images that are going to be available now that the league has been debugged.

This is what it is or put another way this is Facebook’s CDs in terms of what is extracted from

the debugging process so let’s go back to our Facebook ,fan page backpacks in the

other week,

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