How to Curate Content into Post Best Method

How to curate content or articles into your blog the last video we talked about doing a generic post to your WordPress blog and today we’re going to talk about where we find articles that are relevant to our blog to post about so we don’t have the reason that the wheel every time we want to do a blog post we can just find articles that are relevant, and we can post about it . The first thing you want to know is well how do i find relevant articles where;

Curate Content for Social Media

Curate content tools

do i go to easy way place to house all of the RSS feeds or information that i can look at so let’s go to this is a really great tool to look for content in easy fashion and choose ,articles that are relevant to you so I have an Alyssa bookmarks RSS feeds that I’m saved so that i can look at them all at one time and choose something that i think is great for blah close so what you can do is, make a feely account it will be blank for you want to add content.


Let’s search for Orlando news so it comes up are these articles main business sites for Orlando maybe a better one of the window real estate like newsletter .let’s go to Orlando Sentinel so we have a window Sentinel now we can save; it to our feed account so i already have a space not coming up but i have a green button here that the +

weekly you want click on that and it will save it to your side here we’ll give it a category so I save this under Orlando news about coming up with Orlando news so you can also do Disney parks DIY real different real estate area so this is from these are articles that i found through realtor . Word our RSS feeds from realtor that will work as well so we believe want to look for blogs but have RSS feeds and bring them into here so RFC’s our URLs that you find on the internet when they build up your articles here and then you’re going to look at them all in a card format so no let’s find a blog post that we want to talk about so earlier today.

How to curate content legally

I am 15 things you won’t ; believe a lot of labels this is a great article to post on the blog, so I’m going to copy this URL right click copy or Ctrl c I’m going to log into my blog going to- Orlando virtual tours on net /w p dash ;login or WP dash admin login so now just like before going to go hover over post click add new and then I have a plug-in called express .

That is enabled and everyone watching that I’ve set up their blog will have expressed carry on their blog and enabled so you should have this green button at the bottom it says adding source that’s the first thing we want to do now and want to paste in that URL that we just copied for the article hit the green plus sign and now that it’s brought in the title you want to hover and hit Fury. Now the plugins gonna bring in information from the article bringing text sometimes it’s not perfect, so we’re gonna want to check- make sure one paragraph is about golden girls one check Fath along with the last two paragraphs here copy that bring him in the right now we’ve done that we’re going to curate into the post-its brought in the image so now here we have the article we have to bring in some;

Curate Content into Post

of the titles to this Golden Girls yes this myth that in copying and pasting some text sometimes doesn’t get pulled in perfectly, so you just have to check it make sure that’s it so you want to ensure we have a feature image so brought in a featured image and these are rather large or 2000 by 30 number and just huge so I think we’ll keep our website web optimized from the upload the same photo .

Curate content for social media

But i made it smaller earlier now it’s not the floor slide under kilobytes small set feature image now we’re going to pick a category news and the final thing you’re going to want to do is add your own education so at the top here to bring button adaptation we want to put right before the image processors above the; image there so now in the gray box we’re gonna pay something that read all of us and make the article more original to our blog about the original article so

‘ common are the bones Orlando going to go on to bed and because sentence or two so now let’s review this both make sure; all the formatting with accurate and what .We want whenever something is in quotes for curating,

and I televises but text just fine and also automatically link to the original article what you want to do when you’re eight you’re not saying that content that you wrote so people know that they can go to the link in the original article now looks pretty; good we have an image we have an annotation with our commentary and though you can go ahead and come back and make sure we have- all over social media in right there was good and let’s say we want to publish their tomorrow is Monday need that .

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