How to Create WordPress Website on a localhost using Xampp

how to install xampp in ubuntu

We can create any website and run it locally on your machine here using camp now this is a great way of getting your feet wet learning WordPress Joomla on all these other types of software that a website using WordPress and stuff.

Install wordpress on xampp localhost pdf

I said it’s not going to cost you anything you can actually set this up and run it locally on your machine here and get used to installing in and configuring and changing it to your ;needs Ok so then we have a look at the software here WordPress Website on a localhost example is a;

free piece of software which you can download Guide WordPress Blog 2017 and run on Linux windows Mac OS and Solaris now we’re going to be installing WordPress, and this is the actual WordPress you can download for free it’s only a small download now ”

I’ve got both of these on my desktop here now to run camp you really do want to disable UAC .

Because you’ll run into some problems okay trying to run the certain services on the edge as well run it will block them.

http localhost wordpress

I’ve already done that but if you don’t have to do your services all quickly show you how to do this we need you can change user account control settings click on this and ;you can then pull this down to here now once you finish using it install and setting yoast SEO wordpress Plugin you can put it back up to where it was which is here ok so once you’ve done that you need to reboot your system, and then you can install camp”

that’s going to install XM right now so I’m just going to quickly run this and we’ll give you a little warning here saying that you’re running antivirus program and stuff like that going to continue with the installation here I’ve had no problems running an antivirus it was just the UAC so we’re going to put this in a location here .
I’m gonna leave mine in my root directory you can change it to wherever you like just go next he wants us to go and download this program if you wish I’m just going to say no to that, for now, go next and let it install. Now we’ve done this we can now start out control panel.

install wordpress locally wamp

Localhost/wordpress/wp-admin login

I’m going to say yes to this just leave the tick in there and this is exactly what we’ve got now this is a little control panel that we will need to have running now you can see Apaches running and that’s good because we want that to run, and we also want to stop this one here and you ;

will see now they’ve gone green months ago green that means they’re running ok if the yellow or angel read or something like that you’ve got problems and it will ;show up here and you’ll need to sort something out there to get that running but this is all running so now we’ve got this dumb we can now put this down on a par there now what we need to do next is we’re going to go to LC root directory and inside here .
You’ll see a folder called camp this is where all their stuff goes and where we run our websites from so you want to be looking at docs here and inside here this is where we want to put our WordPress extraction.


I’m going to quickly extract this now so only use 7-zip for this extract files, and I got the point to that location C root directory and camp and we’re going to put this into docs click OK and let extract there ok that seems the Latian process now complete so what we can do now is we’re just going to go go to localhost and you’ll see local host here if I do localhost you should now see this page if you see this thing everything is ; working ok then click on English here and now we have this window here so once we’ve got that all done what we need to do here is come down to let me see here we need to go to PHP, my admin and we’re going to click on database here and we’re going to create a database;

I’m going to call this say WordPress just for tutorial purposes and we’re going to create that cake now you should see database WordPress has been created on system we can come out here next we need to go back into our folder, and I’m going to go back into my their WordPress folder here which is inside docs and now what I’m going to do here is go to where it says WP – config – sample .

WordPress on wamp server pdf
just we’re going to select a program to open this up with from we’re going to use notepad here and that file with notepad so we can make some edits now you can see here we’ve got database name right and your database name we’ve also got user and we’ve also got password and local host we’re going to -lead this local host but we’re just going to change this to WordPress because that’s what we named it and now we’re going to change our username to root and then password if you don’t want to use a password you can just leave that offer now like so it is locally so it’s ok I’m going to -leave this is localhost once you’ve done that we’re going to save this and we’re going to save it as WP dash conflict and take -the sample out so now we just need to go back like so and then save and close it off and then all we need to do now is go back to our page .

how to install wordpress on localhost xampp

we’ll just go back to our local host in our browser as you can see here and what we want to do here next is we’re just going to take’ this first part how and just put WordPress in there like so and push enter now we’ve got that we need to do here now is configured our file’ database name database username password and host .

Xampp htdocs folder
Let’s go so what we need to do next is we’ve got WordPress up the top throughout that your base name user which will be root her password we left that blank and local host going to submit this and then we can run the install that’s always good to put passwords in, and we’ll have a better user names and that, but you can do that yourself now you can set up your title we’re going to call this test, and you can now set up your username and password.

http //localhost/wordpress/wp-admin

install wordpress on localhost wamp

I’m going to call this project and we’re going to call this one ok like so email address he wants an email address here we can do something like that make one up and install WordPress now it’s going to start to install log in and log in and there we have it we’ve looked ‘into our WordPress and now we can start to play around and configure it to what we want so if we look outside now you’ll see the website’ is running locally and there we have it and you can make ‘changes to this ad themes and whatever you want to do to learn how to use WordPress it’s that simple .

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