How to Create an Online a Website for Free: professional for beginners

create a website for free businessThe first step to setting up your own free website is Google searching

for wordpress.Com once you get,  home page you’re going to want to click

on the create website option.

The second step is to decide on a name for your website, I’m going to do

Brandon Bass blog what’s WordPress” verify that that’s unique name .

You can continue on the next step after that you’ll fill in some basic information and

then pick the look and feel for your website but don’t worry,

you can change this at any time  Create an online website for free if you’re, uncertain about.

What you want for now just go with something that you can always change later that is going

to Ask you what kind of plan you want know obviously, because you want a free website we’re going to

select the free option now that you: signed up your free “account that were pressed .

You can start, to fill your blog with your content the way to do this is if you go on the left side

of your account dashboard you: getting off in here that says WPI then when you click on that button it’s

going to take you into your blog .

Create a website for free and from scratch

WordPress dashboard now remember this is completely free you have an entire block

management system from WordPress that you can use for no cost whatsoever .

I started adding content and blog entries to your blog you need to go on the left side of your

WordPress dashboard a website for free google and click on the posts option to click on that post option.

It’s going to give you a list of your current published, poets that we start off with your account

we’re princes by default going to include a post called hello world .

We don’t want that post is just there for example: purposes and serves no value to us whatsoever

and we certainly don’t want visitors, to come to her blog and see this generic hello world post because,

it doesn’t add any value you and it makes it look like.

website for free step by step

We’re unprofessional so immediately, we just need to trash this post once we’ve crossed that

post will officially have no posts available on our block : we need to create a new one which is where

you go to the add new post website for free from scratch, option which is again on your left dashboard when you click that button .

You’re going to be taken to a template where, you going to fill out information to create a blog post

let’s say you were going to say example post number.

website for your business free

You would have a clever title here that’s relevant, the kind of content that you want to create.

I hear you were typing- your content so here’s some example content and you say this is my first blog

post will be keeping this blog fresh with loads of new content about blue Widgets ,

whatever the check happens to be the niche, that you’re involved in for this WordPress blog

know what other features .

I want to show you in this video is how you would add images to your blog post with a lot of serious

bloggers are going to want to do .

They do: this you just need to click on the add media button that is right below your post title

and it’s right above your blog content when you click on that ad media.

But you can select a file from your computer and downloaded into “a WordPress site so that you can now

use them for your blog on the show you exactly what I mean in one second .

I’m taking one of my Facebook profile pictures and drag it onto my desktop,I can show you how

to complete this process  create site  free domain name  basically” when you’re ready you click on the select files option,

then you find where the photo files on your computer like I said.

I tried this photo file onto the desktop of my Mac:

I’m going to select the picture that I want to put into my blog post and I click on show.

A educational website for free Create online

Once I pick that picture it’s going to load up my WordPress, media library and it’s going to give me

some options of the size, and the alignment of my image.

I have a couple options here first of all I just linked to option I want to change that tonight when you have

it on media file what that means- is that any time someone clicks on that image.

It’s going to take them to the video file link for that picture ,if you don’t actually need to know any of that

kinky stuff all you need to know is what, you want to do in very simple language that anybody can understand.

Leave it at 9 and then because the full size this image is 960 pixels x 960 which is way too large

for a blog post.

wordpres create site free

I’m actually going to change it to be the medium size of 300 by 300 pixels to WordPress is actually going

to make this an image smaller for me to fit more nicely into my blog post then I have the option to change the title though.

Create a professional looking website

This is really important guys because we know actually that search engine rankings, are all about having

relevance to this “Google Search term” that’s imported by visitors to the order to rank highly for the Search terms,

that were targeting whatever you were going after .

We have to change to the title, let’s say in this blog post I’m talking about

vacations vacations website for free using html and travel .

blogspot create website

I put in your vacation that travels like he work which is definitely not like you were going to be way too

competitive, let’s say that’s what it is I want to quit think he would actually into my image title,

which is going to tell Google that my image is about this keyword which is going to allow me to rank higher for whatever

it’s worth I put in there let me know whenever I’m ready .

Make site without domain and hosting:

I have all my settings and place I’m going to click on the insert into post button and there you have

it I now have my image in my blog post after that, I can write a bit more text put it down there .

Then whenever I’m ready I have my text Get more followers on pinterest I have my image

and I’m ready to publish,

this post but before I do that I want to show you :how you can embed YouTube videos into WordPress blog

is a lot of people are going to want to be using that functionality as well and it’s also really easy to do.

To get YouTube videos: onto your WordPress blog, it’s actually really easy to do you just need to pick the

video that you want use off YouTube .

business website online free

Then go below that video where it has the option- to share you want to click on that share button that’s below

the video once you do that is going to open up another, area for different options you want to click on the inside.

But just below there once you click on ;that and that fun is going to provide you with the embed code

to put on your WordPress blog but before you do that you want to make. sure that you were just some

of the settings you know for some of you .

When you click on them that option is just going to show you this right here it’s just going

to give you that embed code, but to get more options it to make it a better fit for your blog you want to

click on the show more option .

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