How To Change Complete WordPress Default Admin Username

If you install Fantastic Script or only use WordPress, you can change the username of your blog. If you have WordPress 3.2 or later, you can change and set another user name. But if you were running a WordPress blog with the default username, that is, admin, you need to follow this article and immediately change your user name:change complete WordPress Default Admin Username to your default WordPress username:

wordpress username and password file

WordPress default admin page

=Wordpress Plugin: Optimization of Wp
=PhpMyAdmin is an outsider, but if you want to do most of this with phpMyAdmin, you can use this method.
=You must be able to access your phpMyAdmin, using a WordPress plugin or cPanel. Log in to your cPanel and go to phpMyAdmin.

Once in phpMyAdmin, select your WordPress database and follow the instructions below.
Once in the database, search wp_users and click the Browse button as shown in the figure below.

Enter the new name foreground user of user_login and the new password before the USER_PASS

Once you enter your username and password, click the drop-down menu and select Front USER_PASS MD5 “password encrypted”.
You can use a plug-in extension extension extension to edit all admins user names. This is a simple plugin to use, and after installing you can find plugins> Advanced Director Renamer and start the username change. Simple and practical.

wordpress get logged in user

Admin username and password school

It’s another thing, but it’s a manual and time-consuming process. In this process:

Create a new user with administrative rights.
Log into the username.
Delete the admin username.
CONFIRMED, all posts and comments on your username.
Each method, Wp-optimize is easier and faster to change the name of standard users of WordPress method. If you continue to use admin as a username WordPress, use one of the above methods and have your WP blog safer.

WordPress default admin url

The best way to change your WordPress user created a new user with your user name and role of the user’s administrator desired. You must use a different e-mail address from that utilized by the previous account.

Now you must log out and log on with the new user account you just created. To the User section, click the Delete link under your old user name
By removing your old users, WordPress will ask you what you do with your content. Make sure you click the “Assign all content” button, then select the new user you just created. Click “Confirm Delete” to remove the old user account.

how to change wordpress username

word-press reset password in database
This is all you have changed your name WordPress user. If you want, you can replace the e-mail address of the new user to use the old e-mail address associated with the old user name.
Another easy way to change your WordPress user uses a supplement. If you have one of those users who does not want to install an add-on for every little thing, make sure that you can safely remove it if you have changed your name WordPress user.

phpmyadmin change password

Enable complement to change the user name. After activation, just go to the user name change ‘user.
Select the username you want to edit and enter the new username. Click the Save Changes button, and you’re done.

php get current user variable

This method is a little complicated because it requires direct changes to your WordPress database. Normally, we do not recommend users to make direct changes to your WordPress database. However, in some cases, you can have no other choice. For example, if you have forgotten your username and e-mail address WordPress, you can not use the management interface to edit the user name.
With this method, you can change your user name, and you can also change.

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