How To Build a Store On Facebook with Facebook Shop

How To Build a Store On Facebook with Facebook Shop Free

If you have a business page for a business inside of Facebook some of us because it’s still in beta have a new tab or a new option on our own page In free facebook store. if you go to your pageor you wants use for facebook store shopify, and you see facebook shop uk this right here at a shop section this is the new bulid a store on facebook,

you just take out of stop sticks how to add a shopping cat to your facebook page to have a create a Facebook shop section and follow the instructions so agree to the terms get a business email address and put that in there that’s the one.

create facebook store
create facebook store

Create face book store

We’ll use configure your payments connected to existing stripe account do you have an existing stripe that-facebook store reviews will be the default for right now:

I don’t think they have a PayPal yet so I’m saying in with the stripe now that’s connected.

  • We got the payment configured now we add our street address submit now there’s a shop now button- on your page,
  • It puts the shop now button right on the page face-book storefront then you can describe what we sell say make it simple to a little bit of that and now.

Facebook store examples

It comes to add products had a product or two because our shop is MK and we’ll add a product photo.
Now I’m going to show you how to create a product,

and here we first thing you wanna do is add a photo tab to your facebook fan page I’m going to hand my photo by dragging it here, and I’m going to add a secondary photo.

  1. I’ll show you why in a minute, so these are mighty photos .
  2. I’m going to use these two photos and then I’m going to name the products of these are silver metallic lace is the price .
  3. You put in your price and your description over here which I will copy and paste here.
  4. I’m going to format a little bit use some caches for my bullet points.
  5. I don’t know if you can use HTML you have to try that at some point and then go on.

free facebook store

shop tab For shopify
We put automatically share on so as soon as the product is approved by Facebook then it can go onto the page, or you can put in the background and it not be shared until ;

you turn it on I’ll keep the inventory and everything as it is now this is the cool part and this is pretty powerful is that it has variants this makes it really a store because your e-commerce store because it has variance so I’m going to add a variant remember.

(1 shop section: I had two pictures and the reason what was because one of them were different styles.
I’ll use not sighs but model for this style,

and we had a flat laces or splat style, and we have the round style, and then you can have different inventory pricing for or not price again pricing for the flat versus around,

facebook store shopify

or you know facebook store examples  if we were doing you know sizing of church you can use large extra-large small/medium that kind of thing, so that’s what the variance of four.

Let’s say i had multiple variants which we do these are different sizes  create Facebook page we got 36 inches 45 inches 54 inches and then you notice it gives you a variant for each one of that different price could be done and
different inventory numbers for all of them:

Sell products on facebook
that gives you six different SKUs which are three times 2, and then you apply that and then people can choose from; the different ones the last part is shipping first face book shop app  ; you put the default in which for all its store wide you put that in and then also on a product level.

how to create a facebook store

Add a section link

when you create a product you can have their defaults overridden on the product level by putting it here.

If you don’t put anything here, the default shipping options will take precedent once you do that you save and; Booya you got your product in the store and soon as a day.
It it’s ready to order and this is one that facebook shop fees I’ve done earlier, and you can see what the order form page looks like BAM, and it works flawlessly.

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