How Adding or Removing the Comments Box in WordPress

How to add or remove the little comment form it appears in your pages and posts in WordPress this is a WordPress page –

that you’re looking at here, and this is on our sample site our demo say what you’ll see is this little leave a reply box now a lot of WordPress pages, and posts you can leave a trail of reply, so people start a conversation based on your blog post or page adding or removing the Comments Box in WordPress does out-of-the-box it ;comes with these comment fields on the pages on each of your WordPress pages and often you won’t want these to appear on your pages; maybe just on your-

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blog post because for different ;reasons you might not want people to leave comments on your pages might be just sort of a one-way street where you want to communicate; a message to- people reading the content on your site.

Adding or Removing the Comments Box in WordPress

Rather than them giving you feedback for example it’s actually very simple to remove these but sometimes people struggle a little bit with how to do it because the ability ; to remove and add these is a little bit hidden you can actually do it individually on each page, and this is how it’s done so if you go to the; page or post editor we’re going to go to page editor for this sample- you’ll see what the text looks like on the page right here .

If you scroll around you’ll notice it’s this comment field it doesn’t seem like it actually exists anywhere and there’s no window for it fortunately I’m here to show you how to do it if you navigate up to this little tab here that says screen options and click you’ll see a whole new list of minimize the clutter on the post page editor window- what you want neat all of ;

Best commenting system for wordpress

other boxes we scroll down and here it is yours might be not quite this far down i have a lot of different boxes and windows here with different options on the company’s site you’ll see two different”

If you uncheck, this-this will remove the entire comments field and not allow people to post comments on your ”

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wordpress page or post now a lot of trackbacks and pingbacks is something else that is an option that allows people to leave.If you leave that checked, so it will say for example this article link to ;your post on this date by this author let’s remove both of those for now and her pages you may or may not want to remove the pin back trackbacks, that’s something that you can come to on your own .Of course, to buy we don’t need actually to scroll. We check this because it’s already checked this just once again adds to remove different boxes and under the screen options tab,

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so we’ll scroll back down let’s put our comment field back or pingbacks ;and trackbacks; back and update and just like that its back and people; can leave comments once again Select subtitle language:

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