How to create a website Google Site Search option

google site search apiBest tutorials going to show you quickly, how to do a Google custom search

for your site .

if you want to add a web Google Site Search to a -site but you don’t want

to pay for,It or you just want to use Google’s search engine on just your size is going to

look at how to do it .

I’m just your site that you doing so the first- thing you do here is go to the google.Com :

CSD and make sure you’re signed in or not signed in you can’t create a custom search engine and

then you would just click here on this link create custom- search engine,

and will start to walk you through the process .

1.Google site WordPress or Blogs search Option Create

First you give it a name 910 -description probably ,a little bit more accurate than

that it was a real website in the language .

You have to give it the actual- sites to search so so you do that and type

in your address and what they can- show here if you’re not sure about.

This is if you could learn more, it’ll show you that this is generally what you kind

of want Google Site Search entire site.

We do the mysite.Com, I should I forgot I don’t need you to keep or delete that

out and then hit Asterix at the end like that so that little Asterix at the end says to search it .

google site search code in html

You can do other, things too with the wild cards , if you just write like about it only 5 pages

of a pound in their name- you can put the last weeks before it to find subdomain.

Forth and you can also change, this later and you can even add any specific Pages just

exactly that you wanted to search as well if you only have a certain number of pages.

You wanted to search, there’s also a ,couple different editions of standard one is free that’s

going to have ads on the site if you pay a hundred bucks you can get them.

Taken off and also educational- institutions can take the ads off as well .

2.What is a Google Site Search

what you feel that part out relatively?

Simple click the, I have read, and agree to the terms of service and click next and

you going to the default style- but  only one that you can actually change later you might

take her search in here just to see it .

Make sure it comes up with actual results- there now here’s my one part that you’re

searching a site that you just for, you now and you just uploaded chances are it’s not been

google site button search custom  indexed by Google .

The search will probably ,return no results so you still want to put up the link to

your index page when you don’t answer the next page you just put ,the Asterix to search the whole site .

how to create google button site search database

Then Google will go and then individually but it can take a little -bit of time to

be patient about that because of its searching your actual site .

Now I’m just going to- click the next button here and go to the next page.

This is the basics, and that’s how they do it  to do is going to change that look a little ,

bit we want a search bar on your side in a separate page and then whatever and family.

What you want when you want it -controls you can change the color background color

on most these different things and you can’t change that .

If you ever- need to get back to here at another time you can just go to the get code area

in your control panel How to Get Unlimited Organic Website Traffic or

just before and the look and feel.

The other part, is that I need to have a page that it’s actually going to go to the Y ,

important that before you do Google custom search you really actually have your website.

3.Create google sitelink search box in website

You’re able to upload documents -to it because without that this is basically useless

and you can’t even really tested properly .

Here we go the, two elements are not even to copy and paste in yet because first:

I need to do this part here which is that you are over the search results are going to appear .

I’m so that’s on my site so and going to change default- page alright so this is a result page,

I put something there earlier just to test out but I want to make sure that that you

are all I have is working.

It’s going- to result page back right now and we look at this and I’m in treatment her

here or whatever option you- want to use the important part here is that -it would be sure

to look at this is a website .

google hosted site search

I might have all these Pages here and extra Maps and search counter and  forth they would

all Point down to the results page will send you this result pages are all my results going to go.

I can put, on there the search box on all the other pages and

we’ll go to that page go to the Google Customization Site Search  -results page right now .

I’ll save this and upload it so I’m back so they deleted all the previous results

I had before so we could see it and then going back in here .

4.Make a Site Google Searchable

I just to show up so that’s a results- page it’s on the web .

Now we want to do is now we have this and make- sure we copy that that’s your actual

URL and you and a pace that actual URL into here and when you do that it

should update your code and these two boxes .

You have 2 boxes here and essentially -box one here is for the search what’s the actual

search little button you on here and it’s got a button that says certain you click on it ”

and then the second box box 2 Google Webmaster is going to take them to that page .

Just departed look at -that you are all there and make sure that is a proper URL you

want that code here in the copy that and go back here that’s what goes on your results page ,

and it goes Google Site Api search  where you wanted to go .

google search keywords site filetype

I copied and pasted it -and actually they also put it in there I noticed on the page

this is something you scroll down here so that you, could take this style and,

instead of leaving it on the page like it is right now.

I’m leaving the page for now you can take this: copy and change things

that you have to stop right there this is available for you and you can modify and change.

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