How To Set Up A Google Business Email Through Gmail For Free-Advance Method

set up a google gmail accountTo show you how to set up a professional business email address

through Gmail completely for free using your own domain.

So why use Gmail,has a great mobile app on Android and iPhone

is also some other really cool features such as Google Calendar

and Google Drive also given 15 gigabyte of storage completely for free.

Much more than any other Google business email provider.

So I assume you’re the register your own domain to hosting companies,

such as Go Daddy and you create an email address where your at to get started.

you can either start with a brand new Gmail account or use the existing one,

highly recommend you do that use an existing Gmail account if you have one the reason is,

you don’t want to set up multiple Gmail accounts and have to hop from one account to another.

Set up google authenticator gmail

That’s just a huge waste of time setting up a business email account through Gmail;

is a two-step process first need to get all your emails into your Gmail account II,

need to be able to send emails from your Gmail account using your business to me.

Number one. Two options because pop 304 Ward POP3 means that email periodically to see

emails from the other two men and put some into Gmail forward is instant.

So I recommend you use forward for improving the show you,

how to use POP3 in case you’re more comfortable with that POP3 settings.

Here in Gmail to go to accounting in parchment scroll all the way down

and you can add another POP 3 email account of your own.

when she may put an email address into your own Gmail account as you can see,I’ve not had any problems

Here the second one was the one that I recommend you can forward everything to show you

how to forward emails in Gmail.

You can just thinking forward and forward email however since your register.

Your business to make with an extra the main company need to set up for what

they’re doing to show you that those two options one and one aside from the bottom line.

Here again you go to control panel, it take a male to see my emails and amazon.Com

I click on settings and here under settings I can go to bed

and as you can see already added my gmail address,

here is 74 ward in the ground because he had a lot of companies,

a lot of companies are compatible to this that is going to be applicable for many other

and provide us some pretty interesting Ctrl F on a keyboard.

google authenticator gmail

Set up a gmail email account

Search for email which is longer than you directly catch to order and send it today;

have to work emails that you have an email account.

I have closet design Dorado AK Moore Texas with maybe just a little bit confusing, but yes on the exit,

you are and what made you can set up forwarding option p.M.

Yes he can see already forwarding it to my gmail address so what I’m doing is,

forwarding all my different email addresses to my one Gmail account ride that brings me to

that number to send emails from within your Gmail account.

Let me show you how to do that, so you back to Gmail taking their accounts and imports.

And now you want to add another email address you own.

As you can see I had a lot of you and addresses in click here and no you didn’t do the email address

you on your cell phone to set up for clothes and design Dorado Kleenex

and in order to find your settings you can either just search for Google search for MSN TV settings,

SMTP settings for example if you using GoDaddy search,

for GoDaddy or if you’re in any way you can go back to your A/C panel.

Here close to find a  Google business email ride or I can just click on the more button figure email client,

and here I can see all the configuration details I’m going to use the SSL settings earthquake in very fine.

And let’s set it up correctly all right.

Set up gmail signature

Let me show you a couple of more helpful settings.

Go back into settings and cons of important so now you can say,

I want this to be my default email address that means that whenever you click on compose.

a new email it would be good for us and from so you can send from email address.

set up gmail signature

Another handy feature is to say whenever I reply to message;

reply from the same address to my address and you so if somebody sends

an email 2000 Mike ater Gmail automatically respond from their email address.

The last time I’m going to show you is under General if you want to create a signature,

I can use a signature for different email addresses to use a signature for email with a signature

for your work address and signature for Comcast;

if you want a podcast so you can use a signature for different email addresses Christ,

that’s how you set up email through Gmail completely free.

It’s a way to look much more professional when sending an email.


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