How to Create a Website-Godaddy website builder free

how to build a website using godaddy website builder Today I’m going to be over viewing the GoDaddy website builder free .

I recently purchased the product and I’m going to be providing

The View on house and showing how the software works.

so he’s one of the promotions that they have in the main page.

I’m just going to skip in that he logged in and we’ll take a look

at what the website looks like so when you first come in,

they got to give you a bunch of things to say that is a lot of things to choose from here,

to see the list goes on quite extensively on the categories and

when you make the  website  quite the same here.

We have a bunch of the website actually I’m going to go to something and really

basically, just show you some of the features and

how they work so let’s go with abstract example.

So here is our GoDaddy website so we can see it is already set it up with a nice little game.

It’s so early but some boxes and a nice layout pics of basic colors and

they give you an idea of where to start from as you can see on the left hand side.

Godaddy free website builder review

We have a bunch of choices when it comes to tools that we can use and it will save

undo redo save button and a preview button so that gives you a listing of your pages,

that you have and this gives you godaddy website builder review an option to only change the name.

And I’ll add you to copy pages  let’s explore some of the tools that we have here.

godaddy website builder buttons

If you click a new page it’ll allow you to add a new page ready to leave you know,

this is now a new page on the top section at the top there’s nothing here.

Free website builder for godaddy

Because we haven’t had anything and if you want to say if you want to copy this about page.

And I clicked coffee test2 will not see the test 2 Pages actually the same way about there’s no

picture there just like the about page of the picture.

They’re okay so let’s go to our test and the start dumping things on stage not going to worry about formatting

what is going to show you a picture.

So you can text you a little text editor as well if you wanted bullets,

if you wanted numbering and in my case let’s add a link in a link to YouTube and

you can die like that and actually send it as soon as I got here like at Lake that’s probably,

what I want and we’ll start that anything that is working and this will actually go to the preview.

builder compatible with godaddy

It looks like it’s working what is the position and wherever you want.

I like how the lines are automatically giving you an idea of how what would look good

with a beige and you notice the page also automatically adjusts to the image besides.

Website builder 7 favicon

You mentioned she was 1 inches she wants to go too let’s take a look soft images

and give you a bunch of free images you can see you can pick any of these at the end of Sunset.

We can make that a big one so we can change the settings of things well settings.

You can have that too late cooking image editor you can resize the image and

of course there’s also the teachers like if you wanted to make a 4-door a background color for some reason

also when you click on it you can also choose a little bit of additional options,

such as locking godaddy website builder help it and if you wanted to bring it in front of another object

to another behind it.

and that’s when I find him as well if you wanted to show it on all the pages you want

And say what you wanted out of this image and all the bases just in the top.

godaddy website builder buttons

Godaddy website cheap hosting

How to make a no-show and old ages and if I go to the contact page will not see the images also.

There okay we also have a slide show button the slideshow is quite simple,

if you a bunch of options you can add as many messages as you want and add a caption,

caption for image and now when I actually go to the preview see that the caption for images right here,

and you can of course put to the side show it also gives you some options as well,

for the slideshow such as how you like it to look if you want buttons at the bottom looking for a nice white box.

The description if she needs extra we have a photo gallery if you wanted to have that images

then actually automatically just as well as I know.

Why you want on the page images of course godaddy website builder login that’s also add navigation to listen,

to gas station in the top and let’s say we wanted more than that for some reason.

Website builder 7 sitemap

Maybe you wanted that the bottom the little bit Limited in his designs depending on when

you pick up and dictate Get more followers on pinterest exactly how the navigational look like but then I seen,

that you had actually ordered of course if you wanted one in front of the other going to hide one.

godaddy website builder templates

 that you don’t see one of them and you can actually also take them within each other.

 We take a look at this instead of having all 5 of them and send it to them and

then I go here what’s it about and then the test comes up so it makes it very easy to

create a drop down menu.

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