How to Reset Gmail Recovery if you Forget Password

It easy to reset your password if your Gmail has been associated with an e-mail address or a phone number.

If not, there are still a few ways that Google can try to recover your Gmail account.

With the advancement of technology, each of us has a lot of passwords to keep track of, and you lose or forget one of them is quite normal.

In case you lose Gmail password, there are several ways to recover the account/password through Google.

Follow step bye step for Gmail recovery


  • Go to, and click “Need Help.”

How to Reset Gmail Recovery if you Forget Password

  • The questionnaire password recovery starts automatically if no telephone number or alternative e-mail address is assigned with your e-mail address.



  • It is important to understand that this step does not require your Gmail recovery account immediately as a Google employee must verify it. Try again and again, if something good in the first attempt allows.


  • Once you have completed the password recovery of the questionnaire, you must provide an e-mail address to which you have access.


Easy method for Gmail recovery


  • This is the response to the password recovery being sent. You can create an e-mail account if you do not have it.


  • You must also provide information about the last time you can access your Gmail account, and if it is not necessary to be 100% accurate, it will increase the chances of restoring your account.


  • Other tasks are providing the time the account was created, answer the question of security, provide frequently contacted addresses, and provide other Google products that use the account. Once this is done, you can send the form off and wait for a reply.

Gmail Recovery

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How to Change Gmail Password With Easy Method

How to Gmail Sign in follow Step by step

  • If you have an alternate email or phone number, Google can send you a link to restore your account. To begin, visit You can also click on the link “Need help?”


  • Below the login box on the Gmail homepage. Click type the e-mail address with the password that you want to restore.


  • You can also refer to the “I do not remember my username”

if that is the case.

  • Clicking Next will take you little to a page where you must enter the last known password. If you do not remember, you can always rely on the “do not know.”


  • Select the recovery information sent to your other address or a mobile phone. Do not forget to enter your verification information. Select a new password as soon as it receives recovery information.

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