Get free stuff from amazon Easy Ways

get free stuff from amazonAnother episode of Saved with -Sheilain this episode isgoing to be on,

How to get free products on Amazon as an Amazon reviewer:

How to become an Amazon reviewe.

r free or discounted products in exchange for review.

When will my stuff from amazon arrive

I was going to go over some of the Category 3 days to give you an idea,

you can get out finances you can get on baby products have children huge,

Get free stuff from amazon cell phone, accessories clothing computers Electronics food.

homemade kitchen jewelry can get Office Products lawn and garden,

supplies Sports and Outdoors go camping ,they have any equipment on their shoes.

software pet supplies like they have- many things on Amazon and

if you might want to purchase today you can get for a free or discounted prices on different websites.

and has become an Amazon reviewer if you are,

required to write a honest review keyword on it and you want,

to make sure that- you are ready on his -reviews and that you are only requesting:

to review products that you actually intend on using:

how does buying stuff from amazon work

Stuff not delivered from amazon

that you actually want that she would actually buy with your own money.

How do you get started with this so there’s different websites.

that you can use when you’re first starting out or just in general,

but I like these two particular website.

the first website is honest few that have also talked about the store really quick.

so no one is basically a website and sign up for and they send you emails :periodically

but different products they have, available they tell you how much they are sometimes.

they’re free sometimes are discounting- like just recently we got a security camera for free,

I like outdoor security camera.

that probably is like you know 200 bucks you got,

that for free online and see yourself you know you can get different things like,

that on there but they email you to- it and then you kind of have to quickly respond back,

especially the :more popular items.

because you don’t respond quick enough then all the coupon codes are gone so that’s how that website work and

I hope they’re is worth fighting over because they do,

put out some cool stuff here and :there like

that security camera know pretty good pretty good find.

The other website that I like that I really love its amzreview trader.

Com I like this website because you can go on the website.

you can literally go shopping they have they have like hundreds.

if not thousands of different items when there is literally like online shopping.

you go through you find which product that you want to review you,

is used stuff from amazon good

Get stuff from amazon for free

put in a request to review them if your approved they send you a coupon code and then,

that’s available on the website if you want to go your email find in all that malarkey it’s right on the website.

and take the copy and -paste the coupon code on Amazon and then you purchase:

the product now you don’t have to -Prime member to be an Amazon reviewer,

however being a Prime ,member is very smart because otherwise.

I’ve been paying for shipping and that should be that add up just this year alone

I’ve got about 80 Amazon reviews so how it had to pay for shipping for all the items.

that have been ridiculous and they also tell you on the website and they tell you,

if the product most are adults are eligible for Prime shipping and then some are just free shipping,

and it might take a little bit longer especially there I was there come from China or whatever and

I typically only will be with things that are prime eligible items.

Stuff to get from amazon

because I don’t have an extra pay for shipping or something taking you know,

tomorrow Sunday and get here so -what you want to do to get started with all of this is,

all in order to apply for these “websites you’re going to need your Amazon reviewer profile your public.

Profile if you have bought something on Amazon and :have a public profile on Amazon all.

you have to do to find it is going to your account scroll all the way down and towards the end.

it will say like your public profile, click on that before you start submitting to different web sites.

I recommend filling out your profile – you can add a picture.

if you want you can add a file section in the files section is really big,

in that section free stuff from amazon you want to write.

what you’re interested in arguing so if you’re interested in tech product.

if you’re interested in baby products or health and beauty products or,

whatever it is that you want to review her like a lawn and garden book treat your lawn better than,

your carpet and not the type -of guy that you want to get required to wear a certain length,

but I’m 250 character review is considered like an A+ review length of the garage door reviews,

but keep in mind if you’re only writing like one or two sentences when you’re not really telling.

The buyer was looking at the reviews for now and tell him anything about,

the product and you are also making it look to companies like well they don’t really take it seriously.

They’re not really providing a quality well-thought-out, work you are well.

Stuff it amazon

Love you and I’ll go over this some more in another video if you guys want to hear more about this

but I thought of you it’s going to tell you lie about,

the product your experience with the product pros and cons,

who you recommend the product for and a disclaimer okay so yeah so you want,

you want to do that and then you just apply to different companies is very easy just pretty much.

but it was on your profile your email and name and then,

he said don’t forget her is like my favorite I really don’t go on to many others nowadays,

because between companies is directly contacting me and what,

I find out there I’m staying pretty busy with toy reviews I’m always late.

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