Get Free dofollow backlinks list in High Page Rank

Free dofollow backlinks best for ranking your blog.If you want to high rank in google then you must focuse dofollow blog guest posting.

Today i wil share with you top free backlink website list for making backlinks.

Free dofollow backlinks

1). What is dollow and nofollow

If you want get high ranking then only make dofollow links.

How to create dollow backlinks” First of all let’s go off let’s begin with what exactly is a nofollow link alright.

  • What a nofollow link is a nofollow link is just any link that you put on a website so for example let’s just go to a demo one here…..
  • (It’s any link you put on a website that you’re telling Google not to give linking credit to and here’s an example right,…………….)
  • let’s pretend you have two links right here’s here we have an example blog post all I have is two links here right let’s pretend that for some reason for whatever reason not some reason.
  • Just there’s many reasons but for whatever reason you let’s say you had a link here that went to Google.???????????
  • You had a link here that calm and let’s just pretend for some reason you don’t want this article your website in this article to give credit meaning you don’t want to pass link juice;….Top Leave a Reply Blog Comments List For Making Quality Backlinks

How to make High Quality Backlinks (Any website )

You don’t want to share credit you don’t want to you don’t really trust this link to share credit you had to make it what’s called nofollow and that’s a special code you put into your URLs that tells Google do not follow this link which basically doesn’t give you or who’s ever website that linking credit even though it’s a physical link alright.,,,,,,,,,,,,,

2). Blog comments dofollow backlinks

Blog comments site play a key rule for ranking in google for any website.

Before comments must check using moz bar that comments website dofllow or nofollow.

For checking blog comments install mozbar.

3). Submit your blog post to directories sites

Go to google and search directories website and submit post.

i will share with you top directories high page rank site for backlink.Always try to make dofollow backlink beofre posting any dirctory website.

dofollow backink genrator

4). Search Dofollow forum blog and post your link

If you want fast ranking keyword then find forum posting website.Before posting any website must check his page rank and domain authority.

5).Use for dofollow backlink

Open inbound website and post your site link for dollow posting.His community really great and amazing.

6). Go Microsoft Answer website for dofollow links

Make a account free microsoft website and give answer realted top qustion with your post link for making links.

7). Google Pluse Dofollow backlinks

Google plus have great domain authority with High page rank in google.

Share your website link regular for links.



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