How to Get Any WiFi Password For Mobile Or PC

how to see wifi password on iphoneWelcome back to another brand new episode! And today we gonna be show you, another exiting topic that “how to get any WiFi password!” Get Any WiFi Password This trick will work with all wireless security encryption types such as WEP, WPA, and WPA2 Before watching further.

 Find wifi password on android


I need to talk to you a bout something in privet! What you’re about to watch here is a method that had a higher chance to get misused Using this method you can access or see others WiFi password,

but we do not recommend to using others WiFi password without their permission! This video does not support or promote any illegal activities as well as we are not responsible for any illegal activities done by you! It is only created for educational purposes!

So please do not misuse! Show you something That you can see here we are not connected with any wired or wireless internet source! And if we go to the WiFi manager! You can see that; there are some WiFi networks which aren’t connected to my computer right now, but live an active around my place! And they are password protected as well! So that’s all ”

know wifi password of others

I can say here now! Let’s get started! Stay tuned! Whatever you have, This method will work with any Windows operating systems! On the start menu, you gonna need to type in “CMD” or “Command Prompt”. And can you see it is showing the “Command Prompt” on the result,

how to hack wifi password on android phone without rooting

Now things are getting a little bit serious here, so please pay close attention! Because what I’m gonna say is, fortunately, crucial to this method. Which will decide whether you find the password or you might end up finding something else? Just go ahead and right click on command prompt and choose run as administrator.

If you didn’t choose run as administrator on the right, click menu! The command prompt will not gonna launch with admin rights or administrative privileges, may result in the method failure That’s why I insist you need to pay close attention! Now you can see something pops up, like a black box, on the desktop, which is the Command Prompt itself.

Find wifi password on phone when connected

Now it’s time to begin the password hunt or the password finding process! Just enter this commend line to the Command Prompt which is “net win show profiles.” You can copy this command and paste it to the Command Prompt directly.

You will find this command line in the video description below as well. So that you can go there and do it right away, and.. for now I’m going to type it in directly, and it’s done. Now hit the enter key on your keyboard! Now you will see all the WiFi network profiles or hotspot that we showed you earlier! So pick your one,

that you need to find the password for! And for that just right click anywhere inside the Command Prompt, and from the right-click menu! Choose “Mark”

How to see wifi password on iPhone?

Now you can mark or select the WiFi network you need, then hit Ctrl + C keys to copy it! Now you need to type in another command line here, that is “net win show profile,” not show profiles! Now hit space and paste the WiFi profile name,

That we copied earlier, and you can do it by hitting the Ctrl + V keys on your keyboard. Now again hit space key, then type “key=clear” without any space and finely press enter. Boom! Here is your WiFi Password! I know you are struggling to find it! Believe it or not,


it is right in front of your eyes, besides the “key content” So that’s how you can find any WiFi password on your computer. By using this method even you can find your neighbors or friends WiFi password, but it must be connected with your device at least a single time before you trying this method.

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