Freelance graphic design jobs Beginner’s Guide


Graphic Design freelancer jobToday’s topic the elements of Freelance graphic design jobs for beginners.

let’s start off with talking about the definition of graphic design what is graphic design?

The art or skill of combining text and pictures and advertisements- magazines books posters or website .

I have a basic definition section little bit more complicated -than that for the purposes of this class though.

we’re going to get into the basic ,or going to be designing some really amazing work and in order to do that.

We have to follow, the same rules that all graphic design artists fall out there called the principa.

l every well design piece of work you see out there all of these elements are connected they don’t stand alone.

But you’ll soon see these elements are called contrast repetition alignment in proximity some of these words might sound

familiar maybe not.


let’s get into it the first topic on contrast and contrast is created .

when you place two different or opposite elements together the four different the better as we see on the screen right.

Now we have a dark background ,with white writing it .

Contrast In graphic design

makes the writing pop out because, the background is so dark it feels backgrounds a little bit later.

We might have a heart attack contrast reads ,

It exciting graphic element to your page contract also allows important things- to pop out at the reader.

If there’s some specific title or element that you want everyone to see especially an advertisement you.

Want it use contrast, you can create contrast with font size font style and colors as we can see on the screen right now.

The title contrast is using a- contrast to pop out so you know this is the topic let’s look at some other examples here,

Is an advertisement pretty simple tap water is an average 500, times cheaper than bottled water at the bottom .

But, if you were just a glance at this for one second the first thing your eye goes to -is we talked about at the very bottom there

using contrast and color to make our .

I go to the most important point they’re trying to make in this advertisement in the second example ,

This is the cover of a magazine, they are using a couple elements here to create contrast the first thing the title is Big .

It’s the biggest phone on the screen ,that creates contrast and the color the color red different than the other colors that .

We see in the writing is it’s bigger it’s also using a different phone and a bright color contrast with a light color .

Really pops out this is one example of contrast .


The next topic we’re going to look at is repetition to repeat .

We see and all sorts of advertisements designed for that -we see all over the place so repetition basically means to do it again to

repeat .

This principle states that you should repeat some aspect of the, design throughout the entire project .

We don’t want everything to be different it can be a little bit of overload ,we want to make sure there’s some element that keeps

repeating the use of repetition makes the entire project,

repetition In graphic Design

look connected from the first page to the last page you can use repetition in your phone .

Basically just like we see on the screen, when using the same font type- if you’re using the same bullet point style as you can see

On the screen colors the alignment they were using or any graphics .that can be repeated and let’s look at a couple of samples here

is the cover of a magazine called padlock the first example of repetition.

That I can see here is the color yellow they repeated the color yellow three ;different areas the second example of repetition in this

is a second color the background color and even though at the top color band is a little bit darker ,than the bottom.

But they’re still in the same area this is another example of repetition and finally let’s look at the phones .

There repeating silence as well and in fact I see you now looking at a different example can you point out repetition .


In this flyer looking fonts colors alignments -lots of examples of repetition the next principle ,

we will look at is alignment fun pretty basic alignment is the placement of text and or Graphics .

They line up on the page we use alignment to pre-order to organize things on a page to group items in to create visual connections.

Right now with my list here for bullet points, because they are lying together and group together .

we look at that and Visually know if they are connected ,If I Had Each one of these bullet points from Rihanna.

alignments Graphic desgin

Also Alignment good alignment is always invisible we don’t even notice it’s there but things are out of alignment.

We definitely noticed let’s look at an example of different types of alignments here is an icon from an average word processing program like 4 pages .

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let’s take a look at what this different types of a lineman do left alignment here’s an example of left alignment .eyword Archer Keyword Research Tool Free

We have an edge on the left side of the text Center alignment hello -summer in the middle there right alignment this list of phones.


what principle of design will look at its proximity also known as -opposed to the way to organize ideas proximity is defined as the

state of one object being there another.

InDesign proximity creates a connection between group 2 -elements on a page visually group elements could be text and or images

these elements that are connected with elements are not connected .

They should not be in close proximity to each other let’s take a look at this example how big is color color and Design first.

proximity In Graphic Design

We need to talk about or look at the car you guys have probably seen this before the color was used to make the decision about

what color is your project how do we- use the color wheel basic elements of color the first one called complementary colors.

Complementary colors are found on opposite ends of the color wheel so let’s take a look at some kind of popular complementary colors blue .

Orange on the color wheel and when you look at these color combinations think about how you’ve seen them used in popular

culture media logos for famous companies restaurants .

Sports team red and green another very popular set of complementary colors why do we use complementary colors what’s the biggest deer complementary colors.

Freelance graphic design jobs Beginner’s Guide

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