Free Web Hosting On Google Drive With Unlimited Space

I thank you for choosing one prominent; this and to let me show you how to host your website for free on google drive drive allows you to host a simple and complex web sites in the account so that this website is public and” can be viewed from anyone so for this tutorial I’ll just use this simple website;

google drive host

Host website on google drive custom domain

i downloaded from digital inspiration so very simple update with the one two three four pages few images yes that’s fine for styling . Basically it’s an X file the ceiling the disc Alex what the website looks like the -feeling of taking –

the other region like that, but you can see as you can see the brother speaking this file for my hat right and can host this but this website is available on the web you can use your google drive the first thing you do is good to your google drive account and” make sure you sign in once you there yet any to create a new folder them.

Google web hosting for small business

You can call it my websites Yeah once you create a new folder; called my website you have to make it public sector shape the public that the contents of that folder and only love you too,

We’ll take it public so you this brake checking it out job shit what’s your be sure you have to the right now it’s private you can access so click on change then I’ll make public on the web, so the contents are pulled down are publicly available to ;

anyone on the internet click down currently this looks Welcome to the website:

Dropbox web hosting custom domain

Just drug I’m saying loading sure Vegas once the upload is complete click the folder to make sure see all that HTML documents images of the city says that she uploaded so if not you can just go to the index file and open it the index file can just open this is a preview to just rip open a bug in my teeth. I want to open the dogs to the preview link just click on it show you the whole Beach tables” is your website right now it’s on like this home ;

free website hosting and domain name

Google drive host

it shows me the water love you see what yeah we go so everything is working that’s a complete website online it’s free on Google Drive that’s how you can go to update for you to try and thank you for watching -you can ask any question in the comment box below this video and don’t forget to subscribe to get it yeah Select subtitle language:

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