Facebook Is Asking Own User To identify “Misleading language” In posts to identify fake news

Fake news stories have been a big, big problem this year. Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook recently came under fire from people saying they did very little to stop Internet hoaxes. Fake news stories, many about the election this year,

blasted out to tens of millions of people’s timelines, understood as truth.Facebook and Zuckerberg are responsible for this election, to which Zuckerberg responded in a public post on his Facebook.

And in it, he said, Phil: But a lot of people don’t agree with Zuckerberg, that 99% number he’s pulling from, most likely wasn’t just limited to news sources.

facebook misleading language”

I’m not sure why you would include news stories and Grandma accidentally sharing every picture in her camera roll one post at a time.

And if we focus on purely the news aspect of Facebook, we – and we should, new research found that 44% percent of Americans get their news from Facebook. And to the claim that the fake news doesn’t lean left or right, there are other people who disagree. In an investigation recently, pretend to find that:
And top left wing Facebook news outlets publish false or misleading stories 20 percent of the time. Phil: Both of those are significant percentages of failure if that is for your batting average, but not a level of ‘truthiness.’ And the situation with fake news on Facebook actually got worse this year.

In posts to curb fake news and clickbait

They had human editors that worked on their trending topics, but then there were accusations that they were leaning towards the left, and then they fired the human editors,


and then fake news stories were rampant.

Trending topics became a word soup of keywords that would sometimes just lead to completely fake stories. Even many employees that work at Facebook reportedly do not agree with Zuckerberg here. There are reports that several dozen Facebook employees have been meeting in secret to deal with this issue. One Facebook employee reportedly saying: Phil: Adding that hundreds of Facebook employees do not agree with the company’s public stance.

But it’s important to know fake news is not just a Facebook problem, it’s been a problem everywhere. Yesterday, we talked about one of the most spread pieces of false information, that Donald Trump actually won the popular vote. That’s –

that’s not true. But the reason people believe that is people saw pictures on Twitter and Facebook, and when you went to Google, and you saw “Final election results,”


It brought people to a fake news website, and they didn’t realize that it was fake. Well, Google has announced that they’re making a big change and that is turning off the money hose. A Google spokesperson saying in a statement: Phil: Or to paraphrase: If you’re posting fake news, we are going to take all our ads off of your website.

facebook fake news realse

We’re banning you from the ad service. Still, just taking away the ad sense only solves part of the problem, a lot of these sites just really want to spread misinformation. And here’s the thing, in general fake news is a problem that we’re going to have to deal with. What I mean by that is obviously we need to try and solve it with algorithms and maybe even human editors who – there is an issue there of bias. But on top of that, I believe in a very real way,

It comes down to us as individuals not closing off – Oh it’s the – it’s the DeFranco word of the last fucking six months: “conversation”

If you blocked someone or unfriended someone during this election, I’ve seen a small amount of decent conversation from both sides online. I’ve seen a lot of garbage from both sides on my Facebook timeline. I managed during the entire election to only unfriend one person, and it was – – it was because he brought his kid into it. I won’t go into details, but it would be like if I –

I taught my two and a half year old son, Trey, to say “Grab ’em by the pussy”. I mean granted, one: small children cursing – hilarious. But two, when you bring the kids in it, it feels like you’re just brainwashing them. I dunno. And even there, I’ll most likely go back and friend that person because it’s important to have a conversation.

If someone on the left or someone on the right posts a fake news story, you can be there to be like, “Hey, actually I just saw this thing that – that proves that it’s fake. Thought you might wanna know.” Obviously, it’s Facebook,

the conversation’s not going to be that nice, but you could try. But if we keep closing these doors and burning these bridges, we’re just going to lock ourselves in our echo chambers, and think that we’re right and – this is the only life that actually is real. And like I said, even with that one old friend, I went against that idea. It’s important to look at ourselves and see, even if to a small degree, we are guilty of the things we don’t like.

Fake news fallout

And that’s where I’m going to end that story, but I do want to end it with a question: In addition to my show, where do you go for news? Do you ever go to a place that you go to, “Oh I hate them, but I wanna see what they’re saying, their point of view”? I

– I’d love to know. Also, do you think there ever will be an effective way to find out what is a hoax and what is not? I don’t know if it’s possible. And from there, I want to share some stuff I love today in “Today in Awesome,” brought to you by:

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Stop Calling Everything Fake News

I.E. Mark Wahlberg makes us cry for 90 minutes. And then we got a video from those beautiful bastards over at Sneaky Zebra, some of the best cosplay pics shot at BlizzCon this year. And remember if you want to see the full versions of everything I’ve And then I want to talk about this story, you might have already seen the video. There was a protest at Ohio State. They were there protesting Donald Trump. There’s a guy on the horn, talking to the crowd,

and then this happened: Shane Stanton:

You idiot! [woman in crowd screams] Man in the audience: Hey homeboy! Man in blue/gray hat: What’s up, [inaudible]?! [inaudible yelling, along with “Hey,” and “stop”] Phil: The man who has been identified now as 24-year-old Shane Stanton,

was the one who ran down shouting “You idiot!”, Who then pushed the protester. The cops then make their way through the crowd; they arrest him; they take him out of the building, the entire time the crowd shouting “Shame!” OSU spokespeople Chris Davy confirmed that Stanton was a student there, adding that he was suspended

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