Facebook Advertising Strategy :Optimize Ads With Latest Update:

Cystic what is 3000 names on my list thatfacebook ad campaign

I built with Facebook market so that was from previous courses that

I lost my relaunch Star Academy and completely redid it and we launched to that group for a result.

So we have clients coming in and we’re working with those clients to get them resolved.

My goal is to get results in the first 30 days for their businesses my goal everyday.

I talk to you for hours on the phone with them creating marketing and business plans for them working on  Facebook Advertising Strategy web development working on their business plans for 4 hours today.

So therefore it’s 1030 and I’m shooting for tomorrow.

Facebook advertising strategy template

Lincoln last couple days and getting results and here is what works first woman to do is we’re going to talk about it.

So we’re going to talk about how you’re creating your ads now.

There are a few different ads jumping in their few different ads.

You can do the first is the static and I’m ecstatic and it’s just an image

that is you know those those image that your posting and you have to text,

So the image looks like that you have a avatar and then you have to text above and the.

You can put 20% tax in the image and then

You have a little bit of text down here a little button and that is what a static head looks like so before,

I was running a lot of static as I was running a lot of ads like this and they’re working.

facebook advertising strategy 2016

Facebook mobile advertising strategy

I was getting anywhere from a 1 tutu dollar conversion rate on them so

I was giving some of my email is which means clicking on this ad and then going over to a landing page.

Where they would see a little video and then have something to sign up to and then have this

Why should I sign up and they sign up they’re so this was how it was working and then on the side.

What I was doing was I was putting some wine here so

Why sign up and then this image was too grab attention

because they’re scrolling through their Newsfeed I don’t do anything on the side.

I do everything in the news feed mobile and on the stuff so

I’m running this and this is the one this is the one and then they grab their attention and then.

I usually put it like this with the 20% text.

I usually put an offer for some reason that they need to click some reason they need to take action.

I put that all in to the side and then I’m getting clicks and then getting sign ups on a great landing page so

If this process you have to create a good experience and you’ll have the people and also,

You’re targeting needs to be good you need to be targeting the right people putting the right out in front of them giving them the right landing page and you can hit these numbers.

Facebook ad campaign name

So I started doing this again and this has changed since,I was running my Facebook ad campaign why why did that happen.

because Facebook is pushing on pushing on video you’re seeing more and more videos up and how is this little static image going to grab people’s attention with Facebook is changing the video also think.

They have animated gif images for Jeff forgive but

I believe it’s called they have animated gif images and all this animation inside of your people’s news feed and your static promotion is competing with that now introducing video so this is how

I’m getting a lot of people to sign up.

I have a few different videos and post them and it looks similar to this

But there’s a video play now the key is on this video same thing with the Avatar and why

He was getting in the way why so we have some texts appear somewhere to live so

I put my what what is it what am I doing and then

I have to grab their attention and a video can grab people’s attention a lot better than a static image so and then I have my way my text so I’m running video ads and I’m seeing these numbers now

Because the new way or since March

When I was heavily running campaigns by Static ads now are $4 for coming it for dollars video is coming in at that one too much and I can pay that because I know if I can hit this one and two more

Put them into my landing page  Facebook Advertising Strategy put them into my sales funnel

that’s going to work for my business and give me an R1 and also work for my clients businesses as well so

I’m running their campaigns and helping them achieve

The same result and then the third thing is the rotating rotating these rotating images,

the carousel as you see those rotating only one offer and it’s the same offer just stated a little differently with a different image

They’re all going to the same landing page that’s quite all right,

but then I have people scrolling through.

facebook ad campaign analysis

facebook ads google analytics campaign

Because I’m teaching website development Facebook marketing Google AdWords podcasting video marketing email marketing CRM systems clickfunnels like the list goes on I’m teaching all of that.

And I at the Carousel and people say wow this guy really knows.

We talk about hitting this at $2 they had me sign up for rotating it so for for static now

Which used to be wanted to so backing off of those

But what I am doing is I’m running this big number for and that is retargeting.

And those other Static-X so I’m not running these streets,that again just targeting people like targeting my competitors and then putting up a static and

Which was this that is what that static image

I’m not doing that what I am doing is I’m getting people in with retargeting

Because I’m getting them but I got a little bit of room over here.

I’m getting them to go to Publix right so

I post an awesome blog tell my website this video is on a Blog what’s up currently on the Block cuz

I’m shooting right now but then I put it on a Blog and it’s going to be like you know my love.

I was up here and I will man you up here which in Spanish.

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