Etihad airways review Economy Class “Los Angeles”

airways review tripadvisorHi, today I’m going to do a flight review of it he had Airways between Los Angeles; and Delhi Delhi: in Los Angeles,

and I was gonna wait to do this review until. I had my sister to do it Lili because we had such a harrowing experience.

and Delhi Delhi: in Los Angeles, and I was gonna wait to do this review until.

I had my sister to do it Lili because we had such a harrowing experience.

I had my sister to do it Lili because we had such a harrowing experience.
I think people wouldn’t necessarily even believe our revie:

except that there be two of us because of this morning.

I was reading Etihad airways review the Sydney Morning Herald I’m from Sydney originally; I don’t live there anymore.

I don’t live there anymore.I have lived there for ten years: but I still sometimes read the newspaper from Sydney to see what’s you know what’s happening down on them and they had a review of Eddie had in economy class and it’s it’s a glowing review. Well, the tagline is glowing the headline is a very comfortable, economy experience and a tagline is flight test excellent service and extra space meant a very comfortable flying experience and then in her view she sets out some really bad service that she received from any hats’

Etihad airways review business class

Economy experience and a tagline is flight test excellent service and extra space meant a very comfortable flying experience and then in her view she sets out some really bad service that she received from any hats i don’t know.

i was reading The Sydney Morning Herald I’m from Sydney originally I don’t live there anymore.
If they were paid to just have this great headline and this tagline for any had but we had a really awful experience with Eddie had um I fly really regularly internationally: long-haul flights I have a lot of stuff thatI have to do in Europe,

of course, I’m from Australia originally I live in the United States,

etihad airways reviews

I have friends in the Middle East so I travel very frequently arm as he had is down there with the worst I’ve raised it as my second worst airline after the flight I had with them.I just had an awful fight um  we got to Los Angeles International Airport.

We haven’t been able to book our seats online because it was a group booking and we ended up getting to middle seats which of like it’s not the best but that wouldn’t really have bothered me so much, but it’s set everything up for a bad flight now when I was talking to Eddie had.

Etihad airways reviews Australia

I’m trying to get a vegan meal they couldn’t help us because we had a group booking they said we had to go to the group provider and the group provided told us know it was Etihad airways review how do you have to do you have to go to etihad directly anyway we tried and tried and tried I even talked to him on facebook and at first they were really helpful on facebook and then when I told them.

I couldn’t get anything done because neither they nor the tour operator was seemingly able to help me he had become passive-aggressive it was like bizarre s .I just stopped trying to use their facebook help: their facebook chat option because the passive -aggressive guy at the end was just not very nice anyway.
We thought well we’re not gonna get any bigger meals whatever it’s only a 16 hour 20 minute flight Abu Dhabi.

It was a pretty long flight in fact it’s one of the longest in the world as one of the longest possible flights in the world direct flight that are not like the kangaroo route Sydney to London where you have to have a stopover this is direct to Abu Dhabi,

so it was ok we were like okay we’ll just buy some vegan pizza and will bring it with us which we did

anyway and got our horrible middle seats for the 16 hours 20 minute flight . Somehow magically that managed to get me a vegan meal but not the vegan meal for Claire my little sister who is true I was traveling with,

and so Claire just had no food for the entire time, but it didn’t even matter because the food on Etihad was so pathetic this is the worst vegan food.

etihad airways review economy class

From India to UK etihad airways

i think I’ve ever had on a plane you know about a month previous to this trip I’d flown bridge British Airways to cypress from Los Angeles Los Angeles london:Heathrow London Heathrow Lanka and, the vegan food on British Airways is amazing.


I will do a separate review of British Airways because I had an amazing flight with them and everyone says

“British Airways is awful and never to fly them. I had a really fabulous like really good vegan food on British Airways the vegan food on as he had it’s a sort of food that makes you just Jewish world review online want to shoot etihad airways review yourself as a sort of food that meat eaters think vegans eat

like some boiled potatoes with no salt and no flavoring and your hubs like some boiled rice and nothing else just like cardboard it tasted like cardboard like great they got it to me even though’s great that they did hear that;

etihad airways review business class

i wanted a vegan meal and they did offer it to me so points in favor of any hard for that but make it much like make it decent other airlines can make a decent why can’t any had 0 anyway so popular no food service for her are bad food for me this was the first international trip.

From Toronto to abu Dhabi etihad
I’ve ever made, and I’ve done Sydney to Dublin which is even longer than Sydney to London and Sydney to Singapore Singapore in London London to Dublin so many times I had the worst swollen feet this is why I like to have an aisle seat.
I saw them you know I have like really quite, slim wrists and ankles: that’s are a part of they look really fat on screen,

but they’re really really tiny and he had something to do with your airline .
I got this terrible swelling elephant legs uncomfortable as well like painful at times.

I even put my feet up on you know I was like i could probably have entered that website of awful travelers what.

When I sold, my legs are swollen so much .I put my feet up on the TV screen very briefly to try to get the swelling to come down, but North took like three-four days for it to come down um thirdly or fourthly:

I’m really scared of flying I hate flying I’ve been scared of flying since 1999 that’s .
When I first developed a fear of flying I had a appalling dream about a Boeing 767 falling out of the sky that i was on the, arm, and I’ve had a fear of planes ever since.

What I’ve taken to doing is just take some Nyquil or some Benadryl, and you know.

A bit of alcohol and usually I can put myself to sleep for a couple of hours and makes things a little bit better as he has really stingy with alcohol you know when I was on British Airways to London which is only like a nine-hour flight or a 10-hour flight from Los Angeles the air hosts on British Airways we’re like you know dwine;

actually you got like whatever spirit you want to then it came back around again and gave his wine with your meal service .I said I’ll you know I’ll have a that it was Johnny Walker that they were offering in for whiskey I’m a whiskey drinker if i’m drinking.

etihad airways reviews australia

Etihad airways frequent flyer programmer review
She was like here have to that would put you to sleep, and I was like that’s what you want from an “air hostess you know instead of one little bottle of Johnnie you get a little bottle of;

Johnnie Walker on when she came around again. I’d already told her I was a nervous flyer she gave me three bottles of wine with my dinner service and you know you on british airways you get .

A little bottle of Johnnie Walker and the slightly bigger bottle your meal service so three bottles of wine two bottles of Johnnie ;

Walker you know because it was in a bottle.I could reseal it i didn’t have to drink it right away just civilized, and I’m not myself out and pretty much work up half an hour.
Before landing at London Heathrow it was just a dream of a flight as he had does not give you your own

individual bottle they’re stuck in the like nineteen nineties”

they pour out a tiny little bit of spirit for you into a cup and that’s your spirit; for the whole 16 hour 20 minute flight arm not enough alcohol to combine with the Nyquil to knock me out and make me sleep unfortunately.

Airways 787 and 777

Because i’m such a nervous flyer are so yeah that’s another complaint about Eddie had, please put your alcohol and bottles.We can reseal it and don’t be stingy for God’s sake in order like

“Ryanair or something ok the toilets when I finally did get to use the toilet by stepping over the woman in in the aisle seat next to me they were filthy. I filthy and on one side there are two toilets on either side of the aisle on one side the toilet had one hundred percent flooded.

No one was using that one everyone was using the one next door toilet paper all around um they’re like. Just

it was so awful the sink in the one that wasn’t completely flat on the floor had blocked and it was like that much water at the bottom of the thing that just wouldn’t drain oh when :

I went back again arm the flooded one was still flooded and the one that everyone was using like the flush wasn’t flushed it was just

it was just disgusting: Review Of Systems Guide really deplorable arm the fact that wasn’t cleaned up between me visiting the toilet the first time visiting the toilet.

The second time really grosses like get your act together, and he had.When I arrived in delhi i was waiting with my sister for our luggage and her leverage came and my luggage did not come: i had to go obviously to the longest section and fill out a form and everything now we had a two-hour stopover in abu Dhabi.

etihad airways review booking
Not like it was a 45-minute stopover and there was no time to put my luggage on the plane everyone else on how to who was also in the Los Angeles fight los Angeles:

www Delhi everyone else’s luggage came they just decided not to put mine on another one thing I would say Which is good about as he had is that they give you some cash in the local currency so I got rupees Indian rupees they give you some cash to buy clothes or whatever it is you might need while they’re delivering your luggage .

Boeing 777-300er review

That is you know that that’s a point in their favor that’s really much better than the American i remember American lost

my ex-boyfriends luggage and you had Etihad airways review to write to them and give them a receipt and show them what you bought,

and there’s just too much hassle.

He just bought clothes and never bothered getting reimbursed for them from American however the whole thing filling out

the form took an hour and 15 minutes so everyone in my to agree was waiting for me the annoying person holding everyone up for an hour and 15 minutes that’s like just it shouldn’t do it shouldn’t be that way are :there were about 30 people on my flight whose luggage had not come on the Abu Dhabi. to Delhi legs .

etihad airways bangkok review

luckily I was a very first person at the at the counter as soon as I realized my luggage wasn’t coming i was off you know to make the claim an hour and 15 minutes and I was the first person in line not good that he had lastly.

We lined up you know for the Etihad counter they had almost no staff on so we’re in line for a really really really long period but we were still we’re probably the first 30 people in line so we were still quite far out front and when we got there the woman checking us in was such a nightmare: like we you know despite this review” i find that it’s usually much better to be pleasant .

Airways USA review

i usually am a friendly person I’m not an angry person I even like my horrible experience on any had wasn’t you know that

bad compared to say the plane not arriving more doing a and Malaysia and disappearing or whatever it happens to be you know as ‘s 50 points in the airline’s favor so at least that he had didn’t crash you know that’s one really good thing about it but this woman” she was just really sullen, and my sister was like oh you know it is it .
If one of us gets an aisle seat you know we didn’t both asked for aisle seat she really wanted an aisle seat and I don’t mind stepping over her because I know her .

etihad airways 2017

i know I’m not going to bother her if I step over her and the woman said she didn’t even bother checking her computer she said no there are no aisle seats left the best i can do is to middle seats which is like literally the worst seats on the plane at least.

If you’ve got the middle seat arm on the on the like edges then you’ve only like well that it’s just bad you know it takes to get

a middle seat is it’s terrible also why do they only fly the 777 between Abu Dhabi and Los Angeles they should put on the a380 it makes no sense to have a 16 hour of 16 and a half hour flight in a 777 when the Airbus a380 is available it’s a much nicer our aircraft,

to fly anyway the best you could do with that for us was middle seats they would know I’ll seat left,

so we said that’s okay and we got the horrible middle seats again .

But when we sat down in our seat of the Abu Dhabi leg of which we’ve got middle seats as well on either side of

us were two people from our group tour Etihad airways review had been behind us on the line, and we said to them.How did you get the aisle seat did you did you ring up and book in advance and they said; no we just we just asked if we could have aisle seats.


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