How to Easy WordPress Repair Database and Optimize

repair database on wordpressConditional do I’ll show you how to optimize and

repair WordPress database using PHP my admin.

But I know this isn’t something that you need” to do on a day-to-day

basis optimizing your database is similar to fragmenting your

computer hard drive.

When it’s something that they can do it every few months for 4 months or

then it just helps to keep things organized -welding running better  to optimize

your database to log in to PHP my admin for your blog however you get there.

I’m using CPAP but on your account however you get to PHP my admin select your

database’s have several databases here I’m just going to pick the one for my main free

WordPress tutorial fix Error Establishing A Database Connection In WordPress

site in this database .

WordPress repair database please try again

You will see i have several tables because i have lots of the plugins that

i’ve had it”  when I scroll down here I’ll see server on your database if you have a

default install .

I’ll just switch to another database you’re probably only have 10 tables if you

haven’t put in the plug into let’s stay on this one person but you look on your

day this lecture database and you see all your tables listed at the end you’ll see overhead

on your tables.

wordpress repair database tables

It’s overhead is sort of like I fragment an area on the hard drive of your computer

when you def rag your computer you optimize and clean up that data stored on your

hard drive.

Same concept here with the optimizing” the database it’s really simple you just go

to your database and you can either choose to check all tables or at the bottom

or you can just send tables that have over him.

Repair wordpress database phpmyadmin

If you do that then it only selects- the tables with overhead noticed my options

and post metal are the only two here with overhead ,

what you selected the tables with the with the selected drop-down and then click optimize

table you will get a screen that comes back .

You don’t get any props or anything but comes back and tells you if the tables

have been optimized then put it back on your table and she rolled over and you should

see each other.

how to repair wordpress database error

No more head than your table again to simple as that so you can do that every 2 or 3 months

ago and look at your database.

I just go to my other blog |here my main dog i have a little bit of overhead on him not

a lot notice my database is 11 megabytes and I have 263 K of overhead that’s nothing

in the grand scheme of things .

Auto repair database

But while i’m here I’ll just go ahead and check tables with overhead optimize table

to make sure when you do this that you put the right thing don’t put drop stuff there

you don’t delete your database.

Pay attention to it popped in my stables and then we gotta clean up those tables

that go WordPress Repair Database over now,.

I have no just one thing here I should have pointed out the beginning  but it’s always a

good idea unless you’re really comfortable working in your database in php my admin .

Before you: do anything to your database just in case you make a mistake is to

save a copy of your database to export it and  the easy way to do that is just

when you select,your database and export make sure all your tables are selected that

should be WordPress Custom Homepage by default.

MySQL data in c panel

But not just put select all leave everything on the right side of the default

values quick SQL if it’s not already checked click save file as and put it up and then

you’ll be prompted to save that file download that SQL file.

repair mysql database

In your database “to your computer so they would ask you out but  your database

you check all your tables click the drop-down and then click repair table and you can do

this anytime as long as WordPress plugin your database is running fine.

This isn’t going to do a “lot for you but if your database becomes unstable or

corrupted you get a message saying database is corrupted or something like that then

coming here select them all click repair tables and depending on how large databases.

May take a minute or two to go “through and check all the tables and

if there’s something wrong that it can fix then it’ll go ahead and repair of the temple .

Database error repair code

I have recovered from a couple of the: damaged databases just by doing that

simple technique but it’s as simple as that to go in and optimize and repair your database

know there are several” other things that you can do in this job down here .

Easy WordPress Repair Database and Optimize

I’ll talk about those in the future articles as far as getting tables dropping tables

for simply nature deleting the” tables and so forth don’t use those unless you really

know what you doing autoblog about the only two things in here that you want to use on a regular

basis you come WordPress Repair Database in just to do some basic maintenance on your table.

You’re about the only one that really is to optimize the table and just think

of that again as the equivalent of def ragging your hard drive on your computer

login every 3 or 4 months 6 months something like that.


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