Easy Way To Display WordPress Photos in Columns and Rows

Do you want to show photos of WordPress in the columns and rows? By default adds WordPress images in one vertical column above the other.

However, if you add multiple photos to a blog entry, this will not look very clean and requires a lot of travel for the user. In this article, we show you how to easily display WordPress images in columns and rows.

wordpress display photos
This does not look very good, and users to go far to see multiple images and photos.
You can solve this problem, wordpress show images on homepage simply photos in rows and columns displaying a design based on a grid. This way, images are displayed in a compact design and enhance the user experience on their site.

1.WordPress display photos in Gallery


In other words, we examine how you want to display WordPress photos in columns and rows.
This method does not require a new installation to your website.


  • If you do not add a few photos too often, then this would work for you.

You must first create or modify an existing one, where you want to show your photos a new post. On the screen, publish, click the “Add Media” button to display the popup window popup window WordPress start.

  •  Then you have all the photos you upload to display in rows and columns. After loading, you will see your photos in the media library.
    The transferred photos only already selected. If you want to download to include images in advance, you can also select by clicking on it in the media library.

That you click “Create Gallery” in the left column, then click the “Create New Gallery” button.
The pop-up window will change the settings of the gallery to show.

wordpress display images side by side
You can select the number of columns; each image must link which size image display and random order.
Once you have to click the button and insert inserted into your WordPress blog the gallery.
Number of columns or other parameters, simply click on the photos in the publisher publications.

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2.WordPress display images attached to post

WordPress you can choose your gallery and click on the pencil icon to change the gallery configuration.
That’s all you can continue to publish in writing or save your changes. You can see to see your photos in rows and columns, publication today.
His method works for most beginners. If you have a photo blog or share pictures on your site, however, this method lacks some important features.

  •  For example, the appearance of photos depends on your WordPress theme and is particularly limited with this design and style.
  • Your images will not open in a pop-up and users will need to load a new page, and then click the Back to Original page button back.

 3.word press display category images

For professional and beautiful user experiences, you need to test the addition method.
For more details, see our step-by-step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.
Envira Gallery is one of our Premium WordPress plugins, and prices start from $ 19 for a single-site license.
After activation, you have the Envira Gallery page »Visit settings enter your license key. You can get this key account from the Envira Gallery website.
You are now ready to create beautiful photo galleries.Go to create your first gallery at the Envira Gallery »New page.
You can select the files from your computer and download, or you can choose from the WordPress multimedia library.

display photos wordpress plugin

4.WordPress show images on front page

  • Then, you must click the Settings tab to customize how you want to display your photos.In “Number of Columns in Gallery,” you can choose the number of columns for your photos.
    You can see and space you want between the images in the columns to set the exact size of the thumbnails.


  • Then you can publish on the click to make a gallery ready to be added to your WordPress site.
    Now you need to edit a publication or create a new one. You will notice that the new “Add Gallery” button on the top of the post editor.

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