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Today I’m going to be talking about what is that SEO and how did you on page SEO .

So let’s begin what is a SEO hockey player facing the street where are they searching for a cupcake delivery .

They charging for dessert delivery in this example cupcake delivery have higher average monthly searching .

on page seo strategy

Content On page SEO optimizer

So that’s an easy one for you contact Quincy finalized if you need to incorporate them into your content content can take the form of either text images for video.

I’ll be talking about texting images so when it comes to text option.

I think it’s pretty obvious still wanted to add your name to remember that this is the key word with the highest search volume but don’t be greedy and don’t over do it again .

I’m coming back to my cupcake business I want Google to understand cupcake catering the first time in 2 years Okay Google news about cupcake catering.

2016 one page seo

The second time but if you mentioned it 9 or 10 times you aren’t really helping search want to understand your site there are diminishing marginal returns .


So it wouldn’t be smart to write welcome to my cupcake delivery business if you need cupcake,,

delivery you should order delivery delivery business will make sure and will you get the point this is called keyword stuffing .

Keyword factor On page SEO

If you have a high keyword density so well there’s no ideal keyword density and formula you need to follow you need to keep your keywords organic .

Local tax however A good rule of thumb for short text it is that you want to include your keyword around 2 to 3 times and longer text you around 5 to 6 time and talk about images search engine .

Still aren’t very sophisticated understanding images that’s why I don’t like texting page you want to create friendly URL since your url appears on the search results.

Users May shy away from your nails that are long and don’t make sense for example a URL that reads Deluxe cupcake  .

/ 121 / 6576 East Washington HDM probably won’t be very appealing however a URL that reads Deluxe cupcake delivery.

keyword seo on page

Will probably make a lot more sense extreme friendly URLs with relevant keywords could inform a user or search engine was a Target page is about before even following the link title and description after content your page .

Title is the most important relevance relevance of signals through search engines.

keyword ranking on page seo

For the search engine to understand the topic of your face just like a book title summarizes the topic of your butt up the book your page titled as the same the search results page.

Title On Page SEO strategy 

Will also display the title as the main title you’re taking time this is this is the blue text in Larchmont deals on your title type to include your name.

This is where your keywords really come into play make sure to include the most important to work towards the beginning of the title tags .

title one page seo

Because they carry a heavier weight than the words later down in the title that you also want to include your brand name in the title tag the following formula .

title tag one page seo

when writing title type keyboard plus brand however is the character limit of 55 characters to be sure to keep that in mind so my cupcake business will probably have the following title tag.

Description On Page SEO Strategy 

Cupcake delivery pipeline Deluxe cupcakes description the description is the short blurb that appears under the title and it’s supposed to describe .

The page you can use this is valuable real estate to entice users to click on their site this appears in the Google search results On Page SEO Course page it’s important that each page has a unique description .

description on page seo

If you don’t have the time or resources to make descriptions don’t duplicate them it’s better to not have descriptions that all of them to just copy and paste.

Header Imported On page seo

The header is used to prevent instructor on the page of course there’s six different types of headers H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 in 86 .

However each one is the one that holds the most important included included in the H1 this is a good practice this way mr.

header on page seo

Jension can understand that the keywords you’re trying to use is actually History Channel understand that this site will have content that’s relevant to this headline also that one should tell your reader .

Internal Links In on Page SEO really work for ranking In Google

What the page is about internally internal links means linking between the pages of your site so that your cupcakes recipe paid 4.2 .

Your home page in your contact at Sabal Point to your delivery page and more interlinking pages on your site to test power between them so make sure to include links that point.

Different parts of your site the on-page ranking factors keywords contest page URL title description H1 and internally.

internal links on page seo

So I’ve covered what is SEO and some of the basic on Patron can factors that’s it for now SEO and coo stands for search engine optimization .

But don’t get overwhelmed it’s just a fancy way to call the process that deals with the visibility of your website in the organic search results .

Northside higher in the Google search results for any search engine for that matter still confused let me explain I really cupcake delivery .

Catering service and you happen to be looking for catering for your upcoming wedding so you type wedding catering into the Google search engine .

Google then returns a hundred years old he’s a hundred sites are sites Google found to be most relevant and important to your initial query you would be most inclined to click on the website.

Google Rank Quality Site Only reason Good On page seo

That was ranked first and that’s exactly what deals with the process of making sure Google or any search engine can understand .

And find you what do quick story about the Google search results look like here on the top and on the side you have pay that people pay money to get there .

Squeeze your butt down here you have organic search result no money was paid here in fact it is interesting to hear because they will lose business.

If they don’t provide you with every day millions of searches are made by people all over the world these people depend on Google to provide the best results .

But how does Google determine what these sites are and more importantly why did they decide this site will be ranked number one .

Why are these sites Rank 2 3 and so on Google scan through each site and based on their algorithm it will spit back the most relevant results.

Best Example On Page strategy 

Just like Coca-Cola is made up of a secret recipe so is the Google algorithm Google’s recipe is made up of about 10000 ingredients should be concerned with optimizing .

For it but if you happen to figure out the algorithm be sure to let me know how’s the weather at your job is tough.

Because you need to make it easy for them to understand to understand your site and it’s the same time keep it friendly for humans.

Interest People Play key rule On page SEO 

Well this is an impossible task it does mean you need job demands for certain key elements every page is made up of a few elements and each element needs to be optimized for individually from now.

I will refer to these elements as on-page factors which is all the more Google refers to it let’s go through each on page Factor the devil devil referred to my cupcake.

rule one page seo

I can’t understand what I see you might need to recite cupcakes cupcakes are edible and taste great however the cupcake on the right looks much more appealing you can save the Cupcake,

On the right has been optimized the same goes for your website there are tons of sites on the web that offers a relevant and helpful information public speaking keyword .

Rock Ranking On Page SEO without BAck links

Let’s first begin with understanding keywords here through one of the basic building blocks and the fundamental part of that deal they will guide you throughout .

The optimization process keywords are the words to you when you’re searching for something to say that one more time keywords are the words you want your site.

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Best On Page SEO Techniques To Rank On First Page With Easy Step In 2017

Drinks for so back to my cupcake business. I want to ring for one cupcake delivery cupcake recipes wedding catering you get the point keywords are always important to keep in the back of your mind.

When doing on page optimization a great way to find keywords in Google Keyword Planner you can start off by saying and ideas for a few hours .

See what Google speak back you can see the average monthly charges of each. But don’t get greedy and the best practices without compromising the content of your site remember.

You want to look at what people are searching for and capitalize on that free sample cheesecake just because this week has higher average monthly searches.

remember you were only optimizing your site as you probably no.


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