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Get free Keyword Sniper pro for keyword any niche related searching. For example , I want to add a new category section on running shoes but I want to know category speed what are what are the important types of running shoes.

That people are looking for so what we can do is we can put in the main theme topic you’re just running shoes in Keyword Sniper Pro  and then we can have the single alphabet prefix list so we basically just added a disease and make sure we are using the prefix is here watch this run.

I’m just going to head down here so you can see it see now what happened is we’ve actually found all the phrases so I’m a clearance running shoes Consumer Reports running shoes in his Mercy prefixes .

Download Keyword Sniper Pro free

Got to love running shoes jeans and running shoes motion control running shoes low profile rain shoes and see how we use this list to build a massive list of funky words ,

That are related to the SWAT 220 words that are related just to running shoes and we use the prefix list but the nice thing about this is we don’t actually just have to use single letter so if we want to drill what we can do is we can do a Navy Seabee at the point so basically we can drill a second level.

So if we do what she’s doing and see what happens and we’ll go ahead and run this here and then we’ll just go ahead and see what it came up with you so you see what happened.

Here is because we had a deal got Adidas running shoe trail running shoes Adidas running shoes women Adidas running shoes reviews okay and we could drill even further into this okay so another thing we could do is let’s just take this Adidas running shoes.

Download Keyword Sniper Pro free



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