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It’s kind of discover before I do I just want to show you a little bit about 5 because I talked about this a few weeks back I promoted a product.


That I really thought was awesome I believe it I thought it was really cool I thought I can help you and I’m kind of fascinated with her to be honest with you .

After I use it so much I don’t sell on Fiverr you gigs I thought I buy a lot on 500k as a marketer attendant utilize fiber quite .

A bit it’s easier for me than you know it’s easier for me than like three ,

But you know I’ll show you I’ll show you look at me look at me you could see November not these are things that I used these are gigs that I used for the launch that I’m getting ready to do right now .

You can say this cake here these are for a loss that I’m getting ready to do on the 2nd of January throw for this guy here group Giants coming out the 2nd of January.

how to make money with fiverr

But in order to make this launch happen you know it’s not just a single person effort you know my ass or something to cover some

Were some various things at work you see here actually is not from fiber but to get to the place where I was getting the artwork I started with fiber .

I don’t know if that makes sense to you I went through a few different illustrators to get to the artwork that I wanted but definitely definitely father was a big factor that you look for Manning the Giants going to be in the book .

fiver make money

The formatting that you can get it looking really nice look up to 5:04 that okay if you noticed you don’t see a lot of $5 gigs here okay and the reason.

I’m pointing this out is because people think all 5:05 bucks I’m not going to make that much money it’s not going to be very profitable.

I’m telling you that’s just not the case you can make it a lot of all right here I don’t have a lot of $5 gigs I do a lot of upsets here to get what I want because the fact of the matter is people.

Who come to 500k a lot of times they’re not really too worried about the $5 thing they’re more worried about getting what they want and that the pay a little extra to get it there okay .

I’m not the only one like that okay you know I just got back for like over a hundred million dollars this year this is a big platform has a lot of opportunity for a lot of people .;

So cool that being said not to give too much of his speech I just want to show you guys the opportunities in front of you with this okay so cool that being said,

I want to show you a simple method on Fiverr you can use to make money okay and then after I show you I’m going to show you kind of like.

How I came about that message and I’m going to show you where it came from and I’m going to show you can teach you way better .

Than I can about how to do this okay but really quick let me show you a message here okay when we go to type in typing emails I-35 crowdfunding emails right 88 reviews on that 31 reviews on that by 4 reviews 2 reviews 280 reviews the point is if you’re getting paid good money ,

Regularly write emails okay point is again paid regularly to write emails if I typed in something a little bit more specific.

Because look here’s the deal okay on the 5 or the more specific you can get the more you can get down you know the better your chances are of getting to the top getting on that first page is a little bit of a sto game going on there you don’t understand .

I love you Domination gig on fiverr and you’re the only player that one little thing you could do really good you can strike gold .

Download Complete Fiverr Video Course free




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