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I wanted to talk about broken links finder.

If you have a broken link is weather page on your site is linking to some other page that no longer exist.

This is bad for two reasons first because when people click if you leave them outside to bring them know where they will simply get discouraged .
Second check every link on your page and wanted some of them bring people know where it will just mail you your pay is less.

Because it’s apparently linking to some really outdated resources making some other side is linking to a page on your site that no longer exists this kind of thing doesn’t send you anything you said,

Broken Backlink Finder

It doesn’t help your website to rain weather in Google so now let’s see how to find both broken links and broken begging them to improve the performance of your website.

Broken backlink because both of them for your website performance Google here watching episode number 8 on the oversimplified SEO.This software also help you find website broken link.

Download Broken Backlink Finder Free



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