Domain Hunter Gatherer :How To Find Expire Domains With Google Authority

domain hunter gathererHow to use the funding expired domains from specific websites now” some people a not too sure what this feature is all white cheese or even what website issues on: I’m going to show you my settings as quickly.

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I will in all the other videos just to show you the there is nothing special about my setup gonna go to set up and help am the only thing that you really need to change “is you put in your proxy is here make sure that you got this checked to use the primary proxies domain hunter gatherer and then check these four options to make a.m. sure that your prices are being used Paul all the different aspects of the talk .

We’ve got the used on the May dawn detailer API checked now this is what two main hun together it :will use to check the majestic and most us for the different domains.

Well that basically means is that you don’t need mas account or majestic account to get your majestic ammo stops the that’s when using the main hunter together a pro which oversees the ex parte 2 made Hunter is part of: so that should be checked,

but you can check the a and show that is checked.

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Before running and in the advanced settings all this is pretty much the default settings so there’s not really anything that you need to change their and so what you put any proxies apply save the settings”

and then we want to go to expired domain hunter and the hunt expired domains from website now in here all we need to do is put on the website that you want to crawl in here in this example are going to be using Wikipedia just because;

there are a lot of domains been linked from Wikipedia expired to make hunters now with the been a popular one it does mean the a lot that remains allow the really good to mains will be gone boat if AV domain has a link from Wikipedia you know the dates at least somewhat ;

reputable and likely has all the things from other high-ranking all authority website okay so if you wanted to kill a specific region;

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Wikipedia you could make sure that every page has a.m. back in the address for example but would make sure the is only crawling the English version of Wikipedia.

If you wanted French version, for example, you could do afar and so on this example I’m just gonna be running through the whole Wikipedia org gonna settler and Crow levels too around a thousand the reason I sets its so high and is basically. The main hunter-gatherer will not I stop crawling before I’m ready for it to if you only want it to run say five roll that’s on the specific;

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website and said at five there’s nothing wrong with that I just prefer my use case me to hit roll and have it just crawling endlessly and find into marines and them when I decide to it I’ve had enough what’s after a day or a few days or even a week for example then ;

I can hit stop and then I’ll get the mains book that’s why I do that basically, so that is going to continue running until I tell it to stop . Asset all I wanna do is hit crawl, and you’ll see straightway it starts crawling now wanna do is I’m gonna leave it running for a bail a day him you know you’re in 24 hours, and we’ll see why it gets in that time a mother called the whole session.


They’ll probably fill up my SSD just some footage welcome back, and you’ll be able to see the result from now you can use this on any authority website you can use on Wikipedia word press BBC hoping to post CNN I’m basically any website that you can think of you can use to main content Alora to crawl and try and find domains from now that also include any of your;

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competitors website so for example if you have a website the in the building the usual construction then you could find the top five or ten ranking websites in a and have the main come together go through all; of the pages and find any domains it links to the are available now,

in that case, it doesn’t really matter what the stats are up those domains .If yours looking to beat your competitors in getting much higher rankings than them you want links from has many related sites:if you can get links directly from your competitors you’re gonna be at;

ranking them in no time so if you have a particular niche that you’re interested in you can use the hunt expired domains from key was to get some I’m Nisha related domains also is a very good idea to pour ;in your competitors you know actually crawl your all of your main competitors website in getting any domain .

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Because ultimately that them talent search engines that your reputable site and that you have something a value so that is something that not a lot of people are really doing I’ve seen some agencies and some the main selling ;agencies are doing this but really it’s something the does he talked about and it I think a lot of people are really missing a trick that the if you want to me is for a specific purpose as in it’s not just a generic and PBN;

this gonna be used for ranking any old website; if it’s going to be used for ranking a specific website he your competitors get domain’s that they are linking to already and you’ll see you’ll be outranked them in no time okay so Minister this video now and I’m gonna come back in about 24 hours and see what ”

we’ve got from there okay so now with Barak it was running for I’m a little over 23 hours and in that time is one is fine 3302 marines as you can see each of these domains were found on the Wikipedia website; I’m in from one page or another okay they can see the was saying about limiting it to a specific region because ”

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I just let it go and have free rein to find remains on any part Wikipedia a as such we found remains from I don’t know a lot these regions book a.m. it.

Will be Italy R O gets more beer a mania and-and new possibly New Zealand and so on so we can say is automatically found the page rank mixer is already telling me how many characters are in the main aim excluding the TLD weathers harkens numbers exact a latte weathers indexed in Yahoo or Google ;

the and across here we see that is automatically found the ; most us on them just six that’s I’m for those domains so from here on we can sort by page rank Rick say that there’s a log high page rank remains available we can sort by two main authority trust PLO,

for example, you can filter part ross flow or any other stuff that you want to say onto check the mains that happened trust flow 20 or more you can ;do so Cisco 196 remains with the truss flow up above twenty as I’ve explained these searches on not limited to Wikipedia the knots restricted to any all the example they’ve given say they don’t have to be;

from Wikipedia WordPress BBC and so on.

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They could be any website what so ever and Agassi the bigger the website the better because the more content is going to be on that the more chance there is that the linked to or the size so find the authorities in in your niece find your competitors whether”

they’re local small local website or huge international conglomerate you can’t it be the bigger the site the more likely there is to be available domains that the linking to also if there are small’ local Scion you got say 10 businesses in your local area that you’re competing with, and you can get even a handful of domains that their link into by is a huge boon to your search engine optimization so if you can get those you are really on to whether so a.m.

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