Delete Google Analytics Account Secrets Revealed

delete website from google analytics accountToday i will guide you about how to Delete Google Analytics Account.

Accidentally created a property under the wrong account.

I’m going to go ahead and delete- that from that account,

and move into- its own account you to look at can move a property once you created it under.

An account so the only way to accounted for the property is to create a new account and then create the property under that

account .

Today show you guys -how to delete the- properties and that was a little confusing ,

I’m already logged into Google analytics site- I’m on the homepage this is the site that.

I’m probably going to want to leave and I’ll go over to the admin section tennis shoes the property make sure that you have the

right account property selected otherwise my next ¬†delete something you don’t want to,

Now you can’t believe the property directly you have to delete all the reviews for their property first.

how to delete a site from google analytics account

Go to settings scroll down to the bottom delete this View and when it’s like that and asked me if I was sure.

I wanted to leave with you and yes I am sure some of you when I come back here and you can see the property has been removed

that’s the way .

Google Analytics Basic Creation and delete Information 

How I can help you grow your business online -the next session he was going to be a little bit of a deeper dive into looking at the

actual school and I’m going to show you some really basic things that,

You can look at in, the reports google ana;ytics to help you get started a lot of you are brand new to -the web for Brandi to Google

analytics .

When you first open up Google analytics ,it can be a little daunting so I’m going to give you one sort of framework to look at this

piece of software to figure out ,

How you can use it and I’m going to polish the ABCs of Google analytics,

in this second I’ show you what you can learn from Google and look up my college GA for short .

I’ show you some of the reports -that can show you some of the answers- and then I can give you an idea about some of the things

that you can do with this information that one of the things to keep in mind .

delete google analytics code

Is that everything in his report that is really customizable, I’m not going to do any of that here in this stuff -and it’s just getting

started to show you the different pieces ,

But then you can really fine-tune the reports to look at the information that’s actually important for your business .

so let’s start talking about what you’ll be doing with GN it is the analytics process and it works like this first you’re going to

measure and figure out what’s happening ,

What’s not happening on your website -then you’re going to take that information and you’re going to try to learn from it you

might say okay well I’ve been sending people to his page to do this thing.

but nothing is happening or not happening is done- and so based on that information will then take action will take the

information and to learn and then apply that to your website and that might be as simple as moving a button ,

increasing your font size or reducing a picture of me or Adam or photographs with K but this experimentation this process of

analysis can help you improve the effectiveness of your website to Google analytics.

Forth so you’re a business owner and you want to -know if a house is actually getting to my website then they will be talking about

working on whether ,

It’s online advertising or whether it’s a social media campaign -but you won’t know whether or not it’s truly making money for

your business unless you measure that and you can do that with Google analytics.

delete google analytics email report

Let me show you a few ways to get- started where you can find the answers to these questions using Google analytics report

so here are two available if you have been following you I feel weak you may remember the example of stages bakery.

I am in fact that Stacy and I won’t tell you too much about me but truth be told I cannot go I cannot bake and so that’s really a

completely made-up example,

A lot of people actually come up to me to ask if you’re really good at that I made it as an example that a long time ago and some

sort of adopted through a lot of the conversation ,

but that is going to be our first example business -for this presentation so we have a little business we have a bakery there have a

brick-and-mortar store Front they make custom cakes for weddings they may even shipped there fake people .

Could actually, buy the most order them- online and then they could send them around the country so that’s our first example

business now this sucks actually.

how do i delete google analytics accounts

I do work for and so when I’m not online working at my computer I am actually driving up the cost of food and being here and

doing all sorts of fundraising and social media marketing Holdings,

Which is good in the Nashville Tennessee area so those are my two examples that I’m going to show your house phone services

website might use Google analytics to improve .

what they’re out there ultimate outcome is what- they want to happen when visitors come to their website and to make the screen

talk a little more fun I have put pictures of cake and cute animals .

Because you print out the software to be a little boy so let’s go through it so I started talking about how people actually find your

website in Google analytics is there two ways that we can -decide there is a source and the source is someone came to your


so it could be worse could be email marketing social -media and then you’ve got the medium so it could be the meeting would be a

different website the process ,

where we are looking to acquire a visitor to our site before that didn’t exactly get for web pages that we want to look at the

behavior behavior is what they did once they got- to that website and then finally speed conversion.

We’ll talk about the acquisition reports and what to do with this information all right start with a for acquisition you can see here

I have broken and that you’ll see inside Google analytics ,

underneath there is a -series of different types of reports that can -give you some information about about that particular set of

datathe other acquisition,

we’re going to see how people are actually getting to our website this post overview slide is actually really nice and window into

that whole cycle you can say in a screenshot -but that part of it was divided into three separate areas and acquisition column of

the her column and a conversions calling now,

There’s example screenshot shows- we have some data for a position to have some data for Behavior looking for conversions

because it hasn’t been set up yet.

now if you were back in my grow your business online presentation from over there yesterday or 2 days ago you will remember

that I heard for the challenge and everyone was building a website that,

when you start building a site you need to have a goal in mind it’s not just enough to build an online brochure you really want to

know what’s supposed to happen what it is that you want people to do.

this is where people get hung up when they have that date available for thing they know how people getting their web pages are

looking at but we have no idea what the value of that visit is to our business.

Delete Google Analytics Account Secrets Revealed

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