How to Easy Delete Gmail Account

Are you want delete your Gmail account?

Gmail is the best courier service that the company offers the giant market of Internet giant Google.

Many users use it as their main source for mail. If for some reason you want to delete your Gmail account, this article will help you to do it in simple steps. Just delete the steps, and your account successfully.

Why you want delete Gmail account? Reasons

There are several reasons to remove an account. Here are some of the most important.

  • Too many accounts : The first reason for this may be that you might have two or more than two accounts and ready to remove one of them.


  • This is the most common reason to remove the account Gmail security issue.

The second reason may be the security of Gmail. Recently, there was news that many details of the account would be hacked to Gmail by hackers.

  • All received mail users to change their passwords immediately. Therefore, this can be the reason why you delete your account.
  • Before real problem, let me say a few precautions before you delete your email account.
  • Always remember that your entire contact list will be lost, and anything in your inbox will be deleted.


Nothing will be left in your mailbox. Therefore, always keep your important contacts before deleting your account.

Follow simple step delete your Gmail account


This is the step by step process to accomplish its task. If you want to do it without problems, follow the steps one by one and success.

How to Easy Delete Gmail Account

The first step is to open your favorite browsers such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Then go to the Settings page of Google Accounts.
(If you are not signed in to Gmail, you must log in when you enter your e-mail ID and password.The next step is to make the side data tools.)
Now, click the Remove Products link in the Account Management.Then, Gmail permanently clicks Remove.

It will close similar to clearing the Gmail account.

By selecting this option, all information and the associated accounts will be deleted with your Gmail account. Therefore, it depends on you. You can choose the option that you want to continue.

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How to Create Gmail Account Safe and Secure

If you delete the account, only the account will be deleted. But when you close the account, all other services associated with your email are deleted.
After this step, make sure Yes, I want to delete the account permanently.
Now enter an email address that is not associated with your running account. Make sure that you can access the associated e-mail that is used to complete the removal
Now enter the password to your Gmail account in the Password field. Then click Delete Gmail.
(Now an email confirmation will be sent to your Google e-mail. Open this link and enter your password into the specified field.)
After typing the password, verify, then click Send. There. Are you ready? You have successfully deleted your Gmail account.

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