Custom thumbnail Youtube maker online design video Pictures

Custom thumbnail Youtube maker online design video Pictures

Today I’m going to be teaching you how to make a thumbnail for free using Pixlr now before we start you may have noticed that so would be awesome custom thumbnail Youtube maker……………

If you can check them out and also have you know what you think of this new intro and with that being said let’s get started.

………………. custom youtube thumbnail maker : The reason I’m going to be using Pixlr to make the thumbnail is because it’s a really simple software it’s free……

(…………. It also requires absolutely no downloads and there’s a ton of free photo editing software’s out there that you can use but Pixlr is just really quick ….)

Custom thumbnail Youtube maker

#) Youtube custom thumbnail maker online for background images

( It works on all devices and you don’t need to download anything..

I thought this this going to be a sign up button here all you have to do is click Sign Up put in your email and password,

and it’s going to create an account for you once you make your account just scroll down..

  • You’re going to see these three versions of Pixlr now we’re going to be using the full Pixlr editor which is called to the pixel editors………..
  • We’re just going to click on launch web app and this is going to open up the platform then we’re going to create on click on create a new image you can name it Download how to make 2000$ to youtube……….
  • Custom thumbnail maker for youtube:Whatever you want I’m just going to call it thumbnail 1280 in the itis at the 720 and the check and the transparent checkbox can easily move the tools around….
  • Just by dragging them as you can see so,I’m going to drag the tools to the left and then just make the artboard bigger.
  • You can see the entire thumbnail so the thumbnail is going to be everything that is checkered over now here you can see the history of everything you’ve done……..
  • Youtube online video maker :This is the navigators you can zoom in and out and then the layers box is where you can see the layers at the top you can edit anything you like …….

#) Yotube cutomize images maker software

So first thing we going to be doing is adding a background to our custom thumbnail youtube maker ……

( We are going to thumbnail backgrounds so of course you can search for example for a blue grunge red grunge and get a grunge background…..)

youtube custom thumbnail maker online

  1. Youtube images makers: You can search for a radio backgroundcustom thumbnail maker for youtube or a sunburst background image does not get stretched and you don’t have to lose inequality to its make the size bigger …
  2. Now I like this image over here and it is larger than 1280 by 720 so I like it then i’m just gonna click on View image right click save image as and save the image as whatever……………………….
  3. Youtube money calculator : I want I was going to call this “LML PG” there we go so now we’re going to go to file open image and then just open up that thumbnail image…\
  4. It’s going to open up as a new file so custom thumbnail maker for youtube just make sure that file select it click on control a then click ctrl C and then go back to the main file and click ctrl V and using the pointer you can move it around……….
  5. We can close the previous file because you don’t need any more and we can just click no………….
  6. There we go so we can position the thumbnail by moving around with the pointer tool.
  7. We can also resize it by going to edit and then bring transform and as you can see we can edit the actual thumbnail image…

#) Top Youtube thumbnail generator

Let me just don’t apply the changes youtube custom thumbnail maker online let me zoom out, go to edit free transform once again and as you can see..

………You can just resize it to how you see fit and that looks good to me there we go that’s perfect and just click on the background and then click yes to apply changes……..

There we go now you can also add some more effects in the background by going to you know filter…

@ Make Youtube Thumbnail Size Photoshop

Just adding a blur or sharpen and just add any effects that you see fit best now I want to make this a bit darker…

(……I’m going to be adjusting the brightness and contrast which is under the adjustment tab just go to adjustment and click on brightness contrast)…….

You can make a brightness a bit lower this is just the text ends up more when i put it in and just press ok ???????..

#…………………………………. Creative youtube photo

We’re good to go now we’re going to add some sort of an image to our thumbnails we’re going to go back into google images now of course this image can be whatever fits your thumbnail……..

————- I’m just going to go for an epic face and make sure it is a PNG file..

The background is transparent so I like this one as you can see it has a checkered background…How To Promote CLICKBANK With YouTube Advanced strategy

It’s transparent quite a few image right click save image as and make sure that the file is once again a PNG and then click Save they go back into Pixlr go to file open image,,,,

then open up that file which is called epic face that’s a copy and pasted in just press ctrl-a control c and go back to the main file and press ctrl v now,,,,,,

custom thumbnail maker for youtube

#) Images make online

with the pointer you can once again move around to the file or the image…

Just make sure that the layer is selected of the image and then with the pointer tool you can just move it around..

  • I’m just going to put it right here and then you can go to edit free transform here you can also make it bigger you can hold shift,
  • that it keeps its proportions you can also tilt it lik that and just transform the image that looks good.
  • I’m just going to click over here and then click yes to apply the changes now..


#) YouTube thumbnail on your channel

The final thing we have to do is just add some text to the thumbnails, we’re going to click on the text tool over here click on the layer and this dialog box is gonna open up where you can type in any text you want……………………………..

How to Create a Youtube Thumbnail Size-Easy and Quick

Youtube thumbnail template size

I’m just going to type in you know like epic thumbnail there we go and here you can select the file you want to use and then even uses the fonts that you’ve already downloaded to your computer ……

I’m just going to use Aldo the Apache here you can set the size of the text……

so I’m just going to make it 1 30 make the style hmm make it bold and we will set the color there we go click ok click OK and then we can move everything the selection tool again….

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