How to Create CSS Dropdown Menu with 5 mint

make a css dropdown menuIt’s relatively simple relatively straightforward you can

make a responsive obviously the benefits of a pure CSS drop down

would be loaded and efficiency not having to create a bunch of functions.

In NJ crazy things” like that :we’re just praying that it is

roughly even telling it’s beautiful really just going to break

down to get it to engage how you, would get that action is being

able to get CSS Dropdown Menu the drop down .

We’re going to be and let’s go ahead and get started so navigation tag

and I think in the future this will help people with their search engine optimization.

Because it’s descriptive of what it is so this might help search engines in the future ,

if you’re getting search marketing my guess is that this is going to be beneficial .

css drop down menu hidden behind content

I’m doing a navigation tag and I’m doing an underscored: list that’s what you

L stands for and it inside every type of ways” whether it’s an ordered .

If you’re going to do a list item inside your list: item to make a clickable

we’re going to create an anchor tag .

css drop down menu background color

This is what makes something cool every time you’re on an app or if it’s an

HTML5 app or website you’re always going to be looking at an anchor tag navigation.

Uses an attack” I’m going to go ahead and start typing the sake of example

pretend other sticky navigation using jQuery  pages all right let’s go .

Get this style pretty sure that this CSS stylesheet is already linked up let’s

go ahead and check  CSS Dropdowns I’m the target the navigation.

We’re going to write on her solar powered electric that’s our selection I’m going to

tell it to the left I am going to give it a width of a hundred percent and a half of 102 pixels.

And I’m gonna give it a “background of yellow let’s see if it appears  navigate to that page

you can open and I’m going to open HTML file and I could be opening this year says she’s HD .

css dropdown menu codepen

You have your bullets and it underlines so what I like to do is to sort of reset

some of these CSS Dropdown Menu things it is I do something it’s called the

wildcards selected and the way you do that is just like he did selective right here .

Dropdown menu disappears when mouse moves off

You would just simply do and Astrid which basically select everything it needs everything

it’s also referred to as a :wild card: what we’re going to do we’re going to get rid of

those bullets for the week get rid of that text decoration really not useful to us least not at this point .

To get really specific with my selecting, I’m going to say because we’re

going to be nesting underscored list within sight of each other we need

to be really specific .

css dropdown menu arrow

Anything that is going to send it directly after now that’s what that symbol is right there

that just needs directly after ” it doesn’t list after which phase InStyle everything that

way I don’t want that I just want that particular thing like that we’re going to say the pixels

background 230 .

css drop down menu hidden behind div

Obviously there’s some issues there- some padding margin nothing

I do to reset the browser does as I take off padding it automatically adds padding:

It automatically adds margin Sticky navigation Menu with HTML  too you’re

sweet so you know I just put that:

right there. We have that we still have an issue with the fact that these

items are what you consider a block level element they’re not in line in line would mean

that they would be flush against each other in line CSS Dropdown Menu literally

visualize with the word.

dropdown menu width

In line that’s exactly what they” do not share space with other elements to the next

line you work today do you want some sites:

But in this instance it’s not so we’re going to tackle that is we’re going to tell that

list item to float left there we go and you can talk about a few different ways you

can tell it to display in mind .


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