How to Create Gmail Account Safe and Secure

Are you want create new email account?

Gmail is a free e-mail service, from any web browser anywhere in the world (requires an internet connection).

Google Gmail introduced in 2004, and limited test accounts were made available in 2006.

To sign up for create gmail account, you need to create a Google account to access multiple Google services like Gmail (Gmail). Create a Gmail account is free, like.
Get Gmail Home:

Follow simple step to create new email account

  • Click “Create account” in the form of the connection. The registration form will appear.

How to Create Gmail Account Safe and Secure

  • To create a Gmail account, you must enter personal information such as name, date of birth, and gender.


  • You will be prompted to select “Username” in your Gmail account. It will be used to create your unique e-mail address “[email protected]“.

Create Gmail Account

  • Some user names may not be available when the user name you have chosen is no longer available (users must be unique), Gmail shows, and you must choose another name Gmail account; Google will also provide the name.


  • Set your password: Protect your account. Try to choose a notifying password, but sure.
  • Google can explain that you should have at least eight characters to try to be safe. You must enter your password to make sure you write correctly.

create new email account

  • Fill in the “Your current e-mail address” field if you have an address associated with another e-mail provider.
  • It is used for recovery if you have forgotten your password, and you want to recover.

gmail account password create

  • It also prompts you to insert a code from a “Captcha,” a verification tool that does not make a bot making sure the account is created.

Create new email address name

Fill the “Captcha” appears. If you can not read it, click on the refresh button next to the text field, or click on the loudspeaker key. You should check your account through a mobile phone number (free of charge).
Select your current location.
Read the terms of use and Google’s privacy policy.

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How to Gmail Sign in follow Step by step
Finally, click the “Next Step” button and you will be prompted to fill in your user profile.

Congratulations, now you can have your new Gmail account created, you can now send and receive email and access all other Google services or if you want gmail sign out.
After you create an account, simply enter the Gmail Web site: URL in the browser address and access your Gmail with your user account ([email protected]) and enter the password.

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